Example P4 Setups

Number of characters: ?
Number of planets ?
Planet overview ?
P4 output ?
Extractor reset interval ?
Notes ?

Example of ?

Example of ?

Example of ?

Number of characters: 3
Number of planets 15
Planet overview 12x P0→P1 planets, 2x P1→P3 planets, 1 P1→P3+P3→P4 planet
P4 output up to 168 per 7 days
Extractor reset interval 7 days
Notes Factories use a CCU5 character, you can work around it by using storage facilities+expedited transfers instead of so many input launchpads, but im lazy

Example of P0->P1 planet (setup has one per each 12 P1 required)

Example of P1->P3 planet (setup has one for Neocoms and one for Data Chips)

P1->P3+P3->P4 planet (the High-Tech Transmitter and Broadcast Node factory of the setup)

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