This document will walk you through the basics of joining Spoopy Newbies.

The procedure for joining Spoopy Newbies is very similar to the process for joining Brave Newbies Inc. but has an additional step.

We specialize in teaching New Players how to survive in WH space. WH space is difficult to live in, although we are convinced that it is not impossible for even the newest of players to succeed in. However, you must accept the fact that you will struggle while you learn. That isn't a problem, it's an opportunity!

As opposed to Null-Sec, WH life offers some unique stumbling blocks for individual pilots, and present unique security threats to the corporation. Additionally, we make heavy use of Tripwire to map the WH chains surrounding our homes. For this reason, we would like to ensure that all pilots are oriented in the basics of WH life before they join the corp.

This can be as simple as attending one of our public "WH 101" classes, speaking with a recruiter directly, or, for those already in the Brave Collective alliance, joining us for some daytripping in the hole! After all, we want you to succeed!

If you are interested in joining Spoopy Newbies, feel free to contact corp recruiters before joining. To contact a corp recruiter, send an in-game mail to the recruiting team listed in our Public Channel. We will try to quickly get back to you to touch base about the basics of WH life and help answer any questions you have.

1. Head over to the Brave Collective Core Services Website.
2. Click on the Log In button and Login with your MAIN.
3. On the homepage, for ALL of your alts, click the link under "Add your other characters by logging in with EVE SSO." and login with your alt(s).
  • If your alt is on a different account, click "Switch User" and login with your other account.

4. Log into the Brave Recruitment Website.
5. Go to The Spoopy Newbies Application, and click "Apply."
6. Wait to be approached by a recruiter in our ingame channel "Spoopy Public". This will not be an intensive interview, so don't feel intimidated.

Check Your Status

You can check you status on the Brave Recruitment Website.

  • The "Open" status means your application has not yet been reviewed.
  • The "In-Progress" status means your application is in the process of being reviewed.
  • The "Accepted" status means your application has been accepted, and you should be receiving an invite soon if you haven't already.
  • The "On Hold" status means we need more information from you. Keep an eye on your Main Character's In-Game Mail.

Read the welcome mail! Seriously, read it. Yes, all of it.

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