Osprey Skillplans

Brave Universal Logi Ship (B.U.L.SHIP)

The Osprey is a Caldari T1 Cruiser.

Ospreys are used within the Tripods, AB Moas, Candy 'Canes, AlphaFleet, and Ferox Fleet Doctrines.

Osprey Minimum

Total time: 2 days, 10 hours, 17 minutes, 36 seconds
Shield Emission Systems I
Shield Compensation I
Shield Emission Systems II
Shield Compensation II
Shield Emission Systems III
Shield Compensation III
Shield Management III
Long Range Targeting III
Caldari Cruiser I
Caldari Cruiser II
Caldari Cruiser III

Osprey Recommended

Total time: 43 days, 13 hours, 18 minutes, 36 seconds
Energy Grid Upgrades IV
CPU Management V
Tactical Shield Manipulation III
Tactical Shield Manipulation IV
Caldari Cruiser IV
Shield Emission Systems IV
Signature Analysis IV
Target Management IV
Shield Compensation IV
Gravimetric Sensor Compensation I
Gravimetric Sensor Compensation II
Gravimetric Sensor Compensation III
Shield Management IV
Capacitor Management IV
Long Range Targeting IV
Jury Rigging I
Jury Rigging II
Jury Rigging III
Shield Rigging I
Shield Rigging II
Shield Rigging III
Light Drone Operation IV
Light Drone Operation V
Drones V
Amarr Drone Specialization I
Amarr Drone Specialization II
Electronic Warfare IV
Advanced Drone Avionics I
Advanced Drone Avionics II
Advanced Drone Avionics III
Drone Avionics IV
Drone Durability III
Drone Navigation III
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