Omen Skillplans


The Omen is an Amarrian T1 Cruiser.

Omens are the mainline DPS ship of the Beamfleet Fun Cruiser Doctrine, and make great standing fleet PvP ships. They have a good amount of tank, good damage, good range, and they fire freakin' lasers!

Skillplan Core Requirement

To begin training, you must have up to and including the Novice Skillplan Core completed.

Omen Minimum

15 days, 22 hours, 5 minutes, 30 seconds

Omen Minimum EveMon File

Hull Upgrades V
Amarr Destroyer I
Amarr Destroyer II
Amarr Destroyer III
Amarr Cruiser I
Amarr Cruiser II
Amarr Cruiser III
Medium Energy Turret I
Medium Energy Turret II
Medium Energy Turret III
Trajectory Analysis IV
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