Moros Skillplans


The Moros is the Gallente Dreadnought. Like the Revelation it utilizes an armor tank, along with capacitor-hungry and damage locked guns. However it makes the unfortunate decision to trade 25% of the Revelation's tank and 35% of its range for only a 20% increase in damage. This greatly reduces its versatility, making it the least effective of all dreadnoughts, and the least utilized standard dreadnought in all of New Eden.

Skillplan Core Requirement

To begin training, you must have the Fresh Capital Alt Skillplan completed.

Moros - From Capital Alt

124 days, 16 hours, 38 minutes, 38 seconds

Moros (Capital Alt) EveMon File

Weapon Upgrades III
Weapon Upgrades IV
Advanced Weapon Upgrades I
Advanced Weapon Upgrades II
Advanced Weapon Upgrades III
Advanced Weapon Upgrades IV
Advanced Weapon Upgrades V
Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration I
Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration II
Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration III
Gunnery V
Motion Prediction III
Motion Prediction IV
Rapid Firing III
Rapid Firing IV
Sharpshooter III
Sharpshooter IV
Surgical Strike I
Surgical Strike II
Surgical Strike III
Surgical Strike IV
Trajectory Analysis II
Trajectory Analysis III
Trajectory Analysis IV
Hull Upgrades V
EM Armor Compensation I
EM Armor Compensation II
EM Armor Compensation III
EM Armor Compensation IV
Explosive Armor Compensation I
Explosive Armor Compensation II
Explosive Armor Compensation III
Explosive Armor Compensation IV
Kinetic Armor Compensation I
Kinetic Armor Compensation II
Kinetic Armor Compensation III
Kinetic Armor Compensation IV
Thermal Armor Compensation I
Thermal Armor Compensation II
Thermal Armor Compensation III
Thermal Armor Compensation IV
Armor Layering I
Armor Layering II
Armor Layering III
Gallente Frigate II
Gallente Frigate III
Gallente Destroyer I
Gallente Destroyer II
Gallente Destroyer III
Gallente Cruiser I
Gallente Cruiser II
Gallente Cruiser III
Gallente Battlecruiser I
Gallente Battlecruiser II
Gallente Battlecruiser III
Gallente Battleship I
Gallente Battleship II
Gallente Battleship III
Gallente Dreadnought I
Gallente Dreadnought II
Gallente Dreadnought III
Small Hybrid Turret II
Small Hybrid Turret III
Medium Hybrid Turret I
Medium Hybrid Turret II
Medium Hybrid Turret III
Large Hybrid Turret I
Large Hybrid Turret II
Large Hybrid Turret III
Large Hybrid Turret IV
Large Hybrid Turret V
Capital Hybrid Turret I
Capital Hybrid Turret II
Capital Hybrid Turret III
Capital Hybrid Turret IV
Controlled Bursts III
Controlled Bursts IV
Magnetometric Sensor Compensation I
Magnetometric Sensor Compensation II
Magnetometric Sensor Compensation III
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