Minokawa Skillplans


The Minokawa is the Caldari Force Auxiliary. When properly fit it boasts an insanely powerful local tank along with strong remote reppers. These ships can be used in a multitude of situations such as subcapital fleets and participating in larger capital engagements.

Skillplan Core Requirement

To begin training, you must have the Fresh Capital Alt Skillplan completed.

Minokawa - From Capital Alt

203 days, 11 hours, 14 minutes, 4 seconds

Minokawa (Capital Alt) EveMon File

Drones II
Drones III
Drones IV
Drones V
Drone Interfacing I
Drone Interfacing II
Drone Interfacing III
Drone Interfacing IV
Drone Interfacing V
Signature Analysis V
Long Range Targeting V
Logistics Cruisers I
Logistics Cruisers II
Logistics Cruisers III
Logistics Cruisers IV
Logistics Cruisers V
Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration I
Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration II
Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration III
Shield Emission Systems I
Shield Emission Systems II
Shield Emission Systems III
Shield Emission Systems IV
Shield Emission Systems V
Capital Shield Emission Systems I
Capital Shield Emission Systems II
Capital Shield Emission Systems III
Capacitor Emission Systems V
Capital Capacitor Emission Systems I
Capital Capacitor Emission Systems II
Capital Capacitor Emission Systems III
Capital Shield Emission Systems IV
Drone Durability I
Drone Durability II
Drone Durability III
Repair Drone Operation I
Repair Drone Operation II
Repair Drone Operation III
Repair Systems I
Repair Systems II
Remote Armor Repair Systems I
Remote Armor Repair Systems II
Remote Armor Repair Systems III
Remote Hull Repair Systems I
Remote Hull Repair Systems II
Remote Hull Repair Systems III
Electronic Warfare II
Electronic Warfare III
Electronic Warfare IV
Advanced Drone Avionics I
Advanced Drone Avionics II
Advanced Drone Avionics III
Light Drone Operation I
Light Drone Operation II
Light Drone Operation III
Light Drone Operation IV
Light Drone Operation V
Minmatar Drone Specialization I
Minmatar Drone Specialization II
Minmatar Drone Specialization III
Amarr Drone Specialization I
Amarr Drone Specialization II
Amarr Drone Specialization III
Caldari Drone Specialization I
Caldari Drone Specialization II
Caldari Drone Specialization III
Leadership I
Leadership II
Leadership III
Leadership IV
Leadership V
Shield Command I
Shield Command II
Shield Command III
Shield Command IV
Shield Command V
Shield Command Specialist I
Shield Command Specialist II
Shield Command Specialist III
Shield Command Specialist IV
Cloaking I
Cloaking II
Cloaking III
Shield Management V
Shield Operation I
Shield Operation II
Shield Operation III
Shield Operation IV
Shield Upgrades II
Shield Upgrades III
Shield Upgrades IV
Shield Operation V
Capital Shield Operation I
Capital Shield Operation II
Capital Shield Operation III
Caldari Frigate I
Caldari Frigate II
Caldari Frigate III
Caldari Destroyer I
Caldari Destroyer II
Caldari Destroyer III
Caldari Cruiser I
Caldari Cruiser II
Caldari Cruiser III
Caldari Battlecruiser I
Caldari Battlecruiser II
Caldari Battlecruiser III
Caldari Battleship I
Caldari Battleship II
Caldari Battleship III
Caldari Carrier I
Caldari Carrier II
Caldari Carrier III
Caldari Carrier IV
Gravimetric Sensor Compensation I
Gravimetric Sensor Compensation II
Gravimetric Sensor Compensation III
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