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The BEACON scale was created by Guilherme Rollard with inspiration from the United States of America's DEFCON (Defense Readiness Condition) scale. It signals our current readiness condition, and how prepared we must be for conflict.

At peace. No threats to territorial status/ all allies secure. Rare emergency pinging, Max Form fleets usually pinged with 72hrs notice. Normal readiness.

Increased intelligence readiness in adjacent regions to alliance/coalition space. Minimal threat to territorial status/ allies require minimal assistance. Occasional emergency pinging. Max Form fleets pinged with 48-72hrs notice. Above normal readiness.

Significant need for military and intelligence readiness. Significant threat to territorial status/allies under duress. Frequent emergency pinging. Max Form fleets pinged with 24-48hrs notice. Caches put on normal readiness. Cap fleet put on alert standby.

War status imminent/declared, coalition under significant pressure. Strong threat to territorial status. Frequent emergency pinging. Max Form fleets pinged with 12-24hrs notice. Cap fleet on war standby, all caches reviewed and put on alert readiness. Mining operations limited.

Existential threat to alliance or coalition. Critical threat to territorial status. Almost daily emergency pinging. Max Form fleets pinged with 6-12 hours notice. Cap fleet deployed and engaged, all caches in effect. Mining operations eliminated and rorqual response teams drafted into main cap fleet. Maximum readiness.

Coup in effect.

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