The BEACON scale was created by Guilherme Rollard and Aernir Ridley with inspiration from the United States of America's DEFCON (Defense Readiness Condition) scale. It signals our current readiness condition, and how prepared we must be for conflict.

Peacetime. Infrequent Alliance and Coalition-level formups, typically with 24-48h notices. Regional stagings in place, no Coalition staging in place. No restrictions on PVE.

Border action/Ally under duress. Potential for weekly alliance/coalition level operations, with 12-24h notice. Regional stagings in place. No restrictions on PVE.

Significant border activity/Ally under threat. Potential for multiple weekly alliance/coalition level formups, with 8-12h notice. Single coalition staging possibly implemented, no death clone requirements unless situation worsens. PVE activity limited outside of low-tempo periods on the front lines.

Alliance sovereignty under duress. Potential for daily alliance/coalition level formups, with <6h notice. Single alliance/coalition staging implemented, hangarlist/death clone requirements being enforced. PVE activities restricted to pre-approved locations/time zones.

Alliance sovereignty under threat. Daily alliance/coalition level formups expected. Single staging, deathclone requirements being enforced. Hangarlists minimized to critical doctrines, and stocking incentives introduced. PVE activities relocated/prohibited outside of pinged Locust/Strategic ADM grinding ops.

Coup in effect.