BRAVE Freight

BRAVE provides an alliance Jump Freighting service to its members. This document describes how to use the service and the rules for its use. Any questions? Ask in #hauling on Slack!

BLT. haulers try to finish contracts within ~8 hours of accepting; packages to and from Jita may take a little longer. This isn't always possible, however, depending on circumstances. If a contract is taking longer than expected, try reaching out first.

Now updated! More changes incoming.




  • Max volume 340,000m³
  • No assembled containers or ships
  • Use 105% Jita SELL value as collateral
  • Stick to listed systems or areas
  • Listed citadels only


  • Get the rate from the calculator
  • Make a courier contract to Brave Little Toaster.
    • Remember the dot at the end!
  • Set "expiration" to 7 days
  • Set "time to complete" to 3 days


For collateral under 3 billion isk:

  • route rate x volume + 0.75% collateral
  • route rates currently shown on the calculator page

For collateral over 3 billion isk:

  • route rate x volume + 0.75% of 3b
  • PLUS a high collateral charge

High-collateral charge:

  • For every 3b over 3b
  • Over 60,000m3:
    • + 50 million / 3b
  • Under 60,000m3:
    • + 10 million / 3b
    • (this is about half-off!)

Rush rate:

  • + 25% reward
  • Mark as "RUSH" and post in #hauling


For general questions, ask in #hauling on Slack.

For questions or concerns about a specific contract, contact Arian Felou on Slack (unless you know the Slack info for the person who accepted your contract).


The below formula reflects how the hauling fee can be calculated in Google Sheets or Excel:

Reward = RATE * Volume + min(Collateral * 0.0075, 3000000000 * 0.0075) + (ceiling(Collateral/3000000000)-1) * if(Volume > 60000, 50000000, 10000000)

In this formula, RATE is the rate for the route, which depends on distance. The volume cost is added to the collateral cost up to 3 billion isk.


Make sure that your collateral accurately reflects the value of your cargo. In addition to protecting you from losses and theft, this helps JF pilots estimate how much risk they are taking. BPC value needs to be found separately, if the BPCs have value.

Collateral over 3 billion isk is charged as either 10 million or 50 million isk for each additional 3 billion after the first - e.g. 1x for 3-6b, 2x for 6-9b, etc. Package volumes that are small enough to fit into a DST use the lower fee of 10 million per additional 3b. This is to compensate Jump Freighter pilots for the extra risk of hauling large, high-value cargo, and to encourage putting your most expensive belongings into smaller packages that allow more flexibility in hauling.

The BRAVE Freight Calculator lists the available systems as defined below (so far!). Any Brave or Imperium citadel in a system is valid. No neutral citadels except for the PushX mailbox in Keberz.

High Security

Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy

Keberz - a BRAVE citadel or the PushX Mailbox
:!: Alert: Edencom Fortress system

Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant


K7D-II - Mothership Bellicose - BRAVE-owned Keepstar
BRAVE's staging

H-4R6Z - BRAVE-owned Tatara & Sotiyos

P-ZMZV - Dracarys Prime - Dracarys-owned Keepstar


1DQ1-A - 1-st Imperial Palace - Goonswarm-owned Keepstar


Irmalin - VIII-3 station or Imperium fort

Amafi - Darwins Beacon of Unity - BRAVE Fortizar

Sechmaren - IX - Pend Insurance Depository
Temporary(?) deployment

You can make a contract by selecting the items in your hanger or in your asset window and right-clicking, or you can go to your Neocom / Business / Contracts to create a contract and check on the status of existing contracts.

  • Contract Type: Courier
  • Availability: Private
  • Name: Brave Little Toaster. (The dot is important - check that it is the corp in Brave United)
    • Click next
  • Select station and items (pre-selected if you right-clicked your items to start)
    • Click next
  • Ship To: a supported station (double-check the name)
  • Reward: Use the BRAVE Freight Calculator
  • Collateral: Set to at least 105% Jita sell value of the contracted items
  • Expiration: 7 days
  • Days to complete: 3 days
  • Description: Include a link to an appraisal of the contents
    • Click next
  • Double check contract details
  • Click finish

Tips: You can split stacks of items remotely in the second step of the contract window - right click + "split stack". You can link Brave or Imperium citadels to a neutral alt and drag the name into the destination window.

If you have a Jump Freighter on a highsec alt and are interested in hauling for BLT., or if you want to be a part of the JF knowledge community, you can apply to Brave Freight. Make sure that you are familiar with the Brave wiki guide on how to fly a jump freighter, particularly any new mechanics and safety. If you want to haul for BLT., you will need an alt with the Contracting skill to put into the BLT. corp and at least 3bn isk for collateral.

Apply here - note that applications can take a couple of weeks. Contact Arian Felou about applications (reminders are okay too).

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