Information for Corporations Looking for an Alliance

Brave Collective stands apart. We are one of the last remaining large independent alliances in the Eve. Our way of life, though difficult at times, is about our members having the freedom to play Eve how they want to. We are not about the accumulation of power, nor do we seek to dominate space. We simply want our people to have a place to be who they want to be, to be part of a group of likeminded people whose company they can enjoy. We’re about people having fun and enjoying themselves. What’s your fun per hour?

We were the original newbie alliance. Our success bred copycats, those who seek to emulate our success. But those other paths lead elsewhere, often to somewhere that is not as much about the people and more about leveraging them for their own gain.

Brave grew up. The thing about newbies is that if you nurture them and help them seek their own path they grow, in time they become tomorrow’s high-end players. We have had a lot of time to help people down that path. There are thousands of players out in the Eve universe that owe their start to Brave. There are also a lot that are still with us. Brave Collective today is a well-balanced alliance with a wide spread of skill levels with pretty much every career path open to our members. What our members have in common is a strong spirit, a fierce loyalty, and a knowledge of their place in this vast universe. Brave is unique. We hold a position in Eve that is respected by many. Our way is about our people, their fun, and a sense of community.

Wouldn’t you want your corporation to be a part of that?

  • A community of committed and truly helpful players
  • A friendly non-toxic environment amongst classy people
  • Loads of content from people that seek us out for fair and balanced fun
  • Access to a nice sized chunk of Null Sec space
  • In times of peace no massive blue donut for several regions in either direction
  • Comprehensive infrastructure
  • Plenty of Special Interest Groups for those that want to specialize
  • Lots of help for new and experienced players alike through our Dojo programme
  • A ship replacement program for sub-caps and capitals
  • A moon rental program for member corporations
  • A great FC team that run inclusive fleets and know how to get the most out of our members
  • Not being afraid to lead your life in Eve, knowing that your alliance has your back
  • Access to our shared recruitment Discord

These are just a few of the benefits of your corporation joining Brave Collective. If you want to know more or want to join us, then read on.

Famously Brave’s requirement for individual members is to have a pulse and want to play Eve. Our requirement for corporations joining is an extension of that, to have many pulses, players that can benefit from being a part of our alliance.

We are looking for corporations that have, or are on a clear trajectory to have around 20 pulses or more, that is the number of active players (not characters) in the corporation. We didn’t pick this number out of thin air, from our experience it is the minimum number of players a corporation needs to remain viable, healthy and active. Although you would of course share in our alliance culture, a corporation needs to establish itself, its identity and its own sense of community to succeed.

Brave Collective is somewhere corporations come to thrive, not just survive.

Detailed Requirements

To find our more information you can also join our Recruitment Discord and head to the join-brave-with-corporation channel. You can also channel join Diplo.Brave in game and speak to one of our Diplos.

You can also get ahead of the process by the Corporation CEO applying at Join Brave Collective

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