• Brave Collective Core Services
    Use this site to get your credentials for the Brave Mumble Server, sign up for our Slack workspace and get a forum account.
  • Mumble registration
    This pages lists your connections details for Mumble, which is where we coordinate in-game.
  • Brave Collective Slack Workspace
    This is our Slack workspace, where we do the vast majority of our coordination and chatting on the day-to-day.
  • Brave Collective Forums
    The forums are where you can find our announcements and other things requiring a more permanent home than Slack.
  • Brave D-Scan Tool
    Post D-Scans, Local Scans, and Fleet Scans here!
  • Coalition Intel Map
    This map links with our intel channels to give an overview of known hostiles in our space.
  • Brave Collective Timer Board
    The Brave Timerboard contains timers for upcoming OPs.
  • Brave Logistics Freight Calculator
    Use this site to calculate the cost for Brave Little Toaster to freight your items.
  • Brave Bucks
    Brave Bucks pays you for PvP and PvE in our space!
  • Brave Moon Site
    The Moon Site contains timers for our public moons, a list of all Rentable moons in our space, and reports on your characters' moon mining taxes.
  • Praise Form
    If you like something someone did, let leadership know!
  • Brave Ping Tool
    This site allows you to send pings for fleets and HR/Diplo.
  • TEST Timerboard
    TEST Alliance Timerboard, this contains coalition timers.

  • DOTLAN :: EveMaps
    DOTLAN provides up-to-date geographic information for every system in Eve, has stats on all alliances and their corporations, and can be used to plan travel routes.
  • zKillboard
    zKillboard records almost every player ship destroyed in Eve.
  • EVE-Marketer
    Eve-Marketer shows you an out of game view of all public (and some non-public) markets.
  • EVEMon
    EVEMon is a tool primarily designed to assist you in skill training.
  • Evepraisal
    Evepraisal can provide a quick valuation of anything sold on the market.
  • Lazy Blacksmith
    Lazy Blacksmith is a tool to help you manufacture, copy, and research Blueprints.
  • Eve Who
    Eve Who provides membership and player stats for almost every corporation and alliance in Eve.
  • Pyfa
    Pyfa is an out of game fitting simulation tool.
  • Fuzzworks
    Fuzzworks hosts a bunch of industry related tools.
  • Tweetfleet Slack Inviter
    The Tweetfleet Slack is where developers and fans from all over Eve come to talk and ask questions.
  • Awesome Apps & Tools
    This github repository has all sorts of awesome tools for Eve.

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