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Triglavian Space

October 13th, CCP introduced a new Triglavian region in New Eden : "Pochven". Formed with the 27 systems that were previously invaded and are now severed from the rest of New Eden.


Pochven is a pseudo-null sec region that can only be accessed via wormholes and filaments. It is composed of 3 constellations for a total of 27 systems.

WHs to and from Pochven act differently from normal WHs. While they still need to be scanned down, they have a fixed warp-in point, meaning you cannot warp directly to the WH (the first time). Once you bookmark the WH you can warp directly to it (ideal if you don't have the standings to avoid being attacked by the Triglavians or EDENCOM ships guarding it).

Need to find a WH to pochven? Use this guide:

If you wish to use the gate to get into a Triglavian home system Eg. Archee, you will need 7.0 standings with the trigs. NOTE: you don't need 7.0 standings to leave a home system via a gate, only to enter.

Mining in the Triglavian region of Pochven will consist of 3 main ore types: Talassonite, Rakovene and Bezdnacine. Mercoxit can also be found in Pochven, but only in Home systems. Spodumain can be found in any system spawning beside the ores seen below. They contain valuable minerals as shown below:

Each unit has a volume on 16m3 and requires 100 units to refine. Currently the ores cannot be compressed, so they will have to be either reprocessed on site or shipped to a facility in HS for refinement.

Talassonite at the time of writing is worth the most out of any ore besides Mercoxit due to its large amount of Nocxium. It is the recommended ore for printing isk within Pochven.

Ratting in Pochven is usually done for one of two reasons.

  1. To gain standings by killing sleepers and rogue drones (Killing sleepers requires a significant fleet setup, rogue drones on the other hand can easily be killed in a smartbombing cruiser). Brave Empire runs standings fleets. If you're interested in this content ask a Brave Empire representative for details on the current fits and approach.
  2. To gain isk, LP and Salavage.

Two sites are usually run to farm isk, Flashpoints and Wold Ark sites. Both require incursion level fleets and will tank your triglavian standings. They are quite lucrative though. Neither site will be covered on this overview page.

Pochven is home to four kinds of rats:

  1. EDENCOM (Killing gives a standing increase with Triglavians)
  2. Triglavians (Killing gives a standing increase with EDENCOM)
  3. Rogue Drones (Killing gives a standing increase with Triglavians and EDENCOM)
  4. Sleepers/Drifters (Killing gives a standing increase with Triglavians and EDENCOM)

NPC will warp to planets, gates, stations and the sun. If they encounter an opposing faction they will fight to the death. It can be entertaining to watch. NPCs you are normally aligned with, or have positive standing with may attack you if you get involved in a fight. This is a bug/feature.

Five types of wormholes connect to Pochven. There are no real static wormholes into Pochven or out of Pochven. If a wormhole expires or is rolled, it immediately respawns, but the origin point always moves within certain limits. This means it is not possible to control entry/exit to Pochven systems the same way it is to wormhole systems via their statics.

Each wormhole to Pochven has guarding entities. The wormhole end away from Pochven will always have Triglavians on it; the end in Pochven will have Drifters, Rogue Drones, or Edencom at it, depending on the type of the wormhole (not its exact location). The guarding entities appear both as stationary escalating “sites” at the wormhole itself and as roaming entities in the system.

The Pochven wormhole types are as follows:

  • X450: originates in Pochven, connects to nullsec. 1B kg total mass, 300M kg max jump mass (up to orca, BS), 16 hour lifetime. Guarding entities: Rogue Drones.
  • R081: originates Pochven, leads to C4 class wormhole space. 1B kg total mass, 300M kg max jump mass (up to orca, BS), 16 hour lifetime. Guarding entities: Drifters.
  • U372: originates in drone regions, connects to Pochven, 1B kg total mass, 300M kg max jump mass (up to orca, BS), 16 hour lifetime. Guarding entities: Rogue Drones.
  • F216: originates in wormhole space, connects to Pochven, 1B kg total mass, 300M kg max jump mass (up to orca, BS), 16 hour lifetime. Guarding entities: Drifters.
  • C729: originates in systems 3 jumps from the Pochven systems on the old map, 1B kg total mass., 410m kg max jump mass (up to orca, BS, bowhead), 12 hour lifetime. Guarding entities: Edencom.

Note that the last three wormhole types (U372, F216, C729) can only be opened from outside of Pochven or by the random effect of wormholes opening inside the last 16 hours of their lifetime (which these wormholes always are). The first two types (C450, R081) spawn inside Pochven.

For the first four types (X450, R081, U372 and F216) there are few of them and they move around, so no system in Pochven is guaranteed to have one at any given time.

WH Rats

Any WH in Pochven will spawn rats corresponding to what is on the other side (Sleepers for J-Space, EDENCOM for HS/LS space, and Rogue Drones for Null Sec)

Wormholes are considered combat sites, so clearing a WH of its rats will get you a DED isk payout. It also escalates the WH and the rats that spawn in the system making things even more crazy.

The Triglavian LP store can be accessed in some NPC stations within Pochven. Interstellar Navigation logs and Isk are required for exchange within the store.

The best way to get navigation logs and a sizable amount of isk, is to salvage the wrecks of NPCs within Pochven space. Triglavian salvage in particular is highly sought after and is worth a bit of isk.

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