Standing Fleet

Standing Fleet is a specific fleet which, barring disconnects, is active at all times in Brave space. Standing Fleet is akin to a lobby but also acts as a defence force and an area to "stand" ready to fight or to interact with fellow Brave members. Standing Fleet is the first place any new member should visit both on comms and in-game in order to ask questions and be helped to access the various starter programs that Brave offers.

Joining Standing Fleet

A fleet advert for Standing Fleet should always be up, if you are having issues finding the advert please ask in the Alliance or Corp channels in game or on the Standing Fleet comms channel.

To find the advert open your fleet finder, this can be found under the "E" menu in the top left of your game window and then under the Social heading. With the fleet finder open you should see an advert with the words Standing Fleet. If you can't see the advert please ask in the relevant channels for help, the advert may be down.

What Standing Fleet Is

Standing fleet is, as mentioned, an in-game lobby of sorts where Brave members meet to chat and discuss both in-game and out of game topics. Standing Fleet is also an EVE "Fleet" this means it has some mechanics aimed at helping you fight, explore or make money with the help of others. The first and arguably most important function of Standing Fleet is system/area defence. Eve is a dangerous game and Brave space is no different, marauding gangs will often come through or to our space looking for good fights or to pick off isolated Brave members who may be ratting, mining etc… Standing Fleet acts as both a deterrent and an active force to stop and remove these gangs. Standing fleet also acts as a rally point for other fleets. Standing comms is often the first place that an FC announces their fleet and so it is a good place to stay in the loop about upcoming events and to ask what ships the FC would like etc.. Standing Fleet is the place to find out about PVP and engage in it. As mentioned before, Standing serves a protective role, this means that if you are Ratting, Mining or in Brave space at all you should always be in Standing Fleet unless you are in another fleet. This provides protection for you and also lets you hear of any fun fleets or events that are taking place. This isn't a requirement of Brave but is a strong recommendation in order to get the most out of Eve.

What Standing Fleet Is Not

Standing Fleet is not your personal security guard and it is not invincible. There will be times when Standing Fleet refuses to come help you because of the huge amount of enemies present. Unfortunately maths is universal, even in EVE one hundred is bigger than ten. You must also remember that every capsuleer in Standing Fleet is there for their own enjoyment or may be AFK, watching another screen and so on… They aren't waiting in station for you to call for help, you must take some responsibility for your own ships.

Finally Standing Fleet is not your personal fleet to command. Standing Fleet does not have an official FC to give orders. Often a tagged FC or experienced player will assume command of Standing to rally it for defence but please do not ask Standing Fleet to roam the Eve Universe or expect them to follow your every order. Standing is a special place, if you are interesting in FCing we recommend you approach a tagged member of Brave (FC/Dojo etc..), experience player or indeed put a fleet up in your own name.

Calling for Help

Thanks to the mechanics of Fleets in Eve it is possible for the entire fleet to warp straight to any other person in the fleet, this means if you get into trouble the entire force of Standing is able to warp directly to your local but if and only if, you are actually in the fleet. To ask for help you should be on comms relaying intel to the rest of the fleet such as how many enemies you see and what ships they are in, you then need to give your own name (not "I" or "me") and type xxx in fleet. Assuming that Standing Fleet is able to deal with the attackers your next task is to stay alive long enough to be saved.

Responding to attackers

Since Standing is a relaxed fleet you are not expected to wait around for enemies to appear, having said that if you are in Standing Fleet and nearby it really helps if you do respond, even in a frigate. Once the intel has been given and you see the xxx in fleet you should undock and warp to the person who "dropped the X's". If in doubt please ask on comms and someone will help you get in the right ship and get to the right place. During the fight and even the warp-in you should closely monitor the Local chat channel. If the player count rises significantly ("spikes") then you should abort the rescue mission. Chances are that the enemy has a large fleet waiting to drop on Standing Fleet in which case it's much better to leave one miner to die than to lose 20.

Ships and Fittings

The ideal ships for Standing Fleet are either non-committal (ie giving you the ability to quickly disengage) or relatively cheap. For this reason you should not take anything larger than a Tech 1 cruiser when warping to X's unless you are absolutely sure of the situation you are about to jump in to. Fast frigates and high damage destroyers are excellent ships to use for newer players.

  • Tripods A Tech 1 cruiser with good shield tank. Use the RLML fit for Standing, great with Scythe logi
  • Talwars A Tech 1 Destroyer great for new players with good range and speed. Dies quickly if it gets too close however
  • Longbows Similar to the tactics of the Talwar, stay at your maximum range and shoot smaller ships. Run away if you get too close
  • Tech 1 Tackle Two examples of cheap Tackle frigates. Any Tech 1 frigate is great for Standing Fleet

How to create standing fleet

Sometimes there is no standing fleet this is usually when it is very quiet. You can have the honor of creating the new Standing Fleet. But to do so you will need to prepare a bit.

  • First save the current layout of standing fleet. How to do this How to do this. And save it as "xxx Standing"

Create the fleet:

  1. Create fleet: Use the "Form fleet from setup" option in the menu of fleet
  2. Setup the advert this way: Setup the advert this way Important: otherwise we might get Spai's
  3. Name the fleet properly: "Brave xxx Standing". For example "Brave Catch Standing"
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