Getting your Rorqual Safe

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You see a report of an enemy fleet in Intel, they’re heading your way. What’s the first thing you do?


Red Cycle your industrial core. If you have a cyno alt, undock it and get it ready to light. Start refitting for combat (aka Max Tank). Recall your drones and right click → scoop to cargo. Once your industrial core has decycled, if you aren’t tackled, warp or cyno out.

That didn’t work. I’m now tackled. What do I do?


Yell at everyone and everything. Voice comms, in-game intel channel, and ping discord. Ensure someone starts forming a response fleet. Open your mobile depot and drop your Excavators into it. Drop DPS drones and attempt to kill tackle/interdictors, and if bubbled, attempt to smartbomb bubbles. If at any point tackle is broken, attempt to cyno out. If you cannot shed tackle before the main fleet arrives, recycle your industrial core and take whatever drugs you have. ENSURE MOBILE CYNOSURAL INHIBITORS ARE ON YOUR OVERVIEW, AND START LOOKING FOR ONE NOW.


A response fleet is formed. The Rorqual leaves their current fleet and joins the response fleet. The fleet is pinged in Discord and in-game intel channel. The fleet is formed on the keepstar, all ships undocking as soon as ready. Once a Titan is online, the subcapitals automatically approach it. Once a fleet sufficient to engage the fleet tackling the Rorqual has been formed, the Rorqual lights their cyno, and all members of the response fleet jump to the Cyno (Capitals are the exception, only the minimum amount required to maintain grid control around the Rorqual will jump. 1-2 FAXs initially, HAW dreads + Carriers if the subcap fleet may be outgunned, Supers if at least 4 FAXs are available, per super). Maintain grid control, clear tackle, ensure all capitals are getting repairs and capacitor for another jump, *then* start chasing the enemy fleet down, using SUB CAPS ONLY. Capitals do not chase, but hold the grid with the Rorqual. Sending interdictors and tackle ahead to slow their escape is fine. If no bridge is available, start burning the moment the FAX reports that his tank is breaking. You must be on grid to cover the response capitals once they jump in.


A Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor is being deployed, what do I do?


You have 120 seconds to react. If you are already in the response fleet, light your cyno, indicate the time remaining, and that a Cyno Inhibitor has been deployed. If you are not in the response fleet, or one hasn’t been formed yet, remain in your respective standing fleet, light the cyno, and indicate the name of the fleet, time remaining on cyno, and that an Inhibitor has been deployed in the in-game intel channel.

Any online FAXs will join the standing fleet indicated in the Intel channel. Remain in this fleet, even if a response fleet is formed. Do not jump in until the FC calls, usually in the last minute of the cyno, or the Rorqual is about to come out of Panic. On entering field, remain in the fleet until a response fleet is formed, then rejoin that fleet.

The Response FC will now need to provide an alternate Cyno, either on a nearby structure or on grid at least 100km away from the Inhibitor. This can often be procured from the members of the Rorqual pilot’s alliance. This will be the primary cyno for the subcapital fleet, once the Rorqual cyno goes down. On landing, their primary job will be to destroy the cyno inhibitor, so another Cyno can be lit for the remaining Capitals.


My tank is breaking, what do I do?

If by tank breaking you mean all your modules are burnt to a crisp and you’re entering structure, than yes, now is the time to…


Active your PANIC module. Indicate this in fleet with time remaining (This is important, because the cycle time is skill-dependent). Red-cycle your Industrial Core. If you haven’t yet lit a cyno, now is the time. Regenerate as much shield and capacitor as you can, and repair any damaged modules. If a response fleet is coming, it will need to land before the end of your PANIC cycle. Once they land, a FAX will begin repairing your shields and injecting capacitor, so it’s VERY important for you to decycle your Indy Core. Light your out cyno and prepare to jump as soon as tackle and bubbles have been cleared and you’ve reached jump cap.


Phase 1 (No enemies on grid yet)

  • Red cycle indy core
  • Ensure depot deployed + in Range
  • Refit for combat
  • Recall Excavators > Scoop to cargo
  • Light out cyno

Phase 2 (Enemies landing):

  • Stash excavators
  • Join response fleet
  • Watch for cyno inhib (turn on all brackets)
  • Indy core green when start taking damage (take drugs as well)
  • Light cyno only when FC calls for it

Phase 3 (cyno inhib onlining)

  • Join response fleet, or light cyno in standing fleet.
  • Indicate time remaining in cyno, fleet and character in intel channel

Phase 4 (PANIC activated)

  • Indicate time remaining on panic left in fleet
  • Red cycle industrial core
  • If cyno hasn’t been lit, light cyno
  • Repair + Regen as much cap and shield as possible
  • If you haven’t stashed drones yet, now is the time.
  • Pray, because everything from this point onwards is out of your control.
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