This is a document writen to act as a guide for rorqual pilots, and those who take part on rorqual saves. It is expected that all rorqual pilots of Brave Collective have read this document and are familiar with its contents. Note: You may skip to the next section when you see the tag "Responding FC", as everything below that in that will be in regards specifically to FCing.

Last updated: 29 Nov 2019

(See end of document for Checklist and additional information)

Phase 0 - Pre-flight checklist

When Rorqual Mining in Impass, you need to verify the following things before undocking:

  • - Is there a friendly cloaky/cyno on grid and not AFK?
  • - Is there a friendly cyno recon in system and not AFK?
  • - When was the last wormhole weather report done, and have all wormholes in your immediate area been rolled?

Additionally, you need to ensure you have burnt your own personal tac grid on the anom you happen to be mining, or have one in a shared folder available to your cyno alt (The [BRAVE] Temp folder is great for this!). As a general rule I will burn a tac 250km in all 6 cardinal directions (Up, Down, Left, Right, Front, Back), where “front” is in the direction of the sun or the cyno beacon located in that system. See Ref A for more info.

PHASE 1 - Tackle

You see a report of an enemy fleet/hunters in Intel, and they’re headed your way. What’s the first thing you do?


Red Cycle your industrial core. Start refitting for combat. Recall → orbit your drones and right click → scoop to cargo. Once your industrial core has decycled, if you aren’t tackled, cyno out. Do not wait for an align, you’ll just wind up missing your opportunity to escape. Jump to the nearest cyno/beacon as soon as possible.

That didn’t work. I’m now tackled. What do I do?



Stash your excavators and start evaluating the situation. Look at the amount of enemies on the field, if it’s only tackle or a small gang, you can start clearing them with drones and ask standing fleet to assist. If an inhib is dropped, attempt to kill it. Ping your alliance and get as much support as you can, since they will be closer than anyone else to respond. If at any point tackle is broken or you manage to smartbomb off bubbles, attempt to cyno out. Once the enemy fleet lands on grid, if it is too large to deal with at the alliance level, you need to begin pinging coalition services ASAP (Impass-pings on the Voltron discord). Go back into indy core and take whatever drugs you have.

Responding FC: You need to confirm:

  • Standing Fleet, and Comms the rorq pilot is in
  • the status of the grid
    • enemy alliance/fleet size
    • Is an Inhib Anchoring?
    • Are they tanking?
    • Do they have a cyno alt on grid?

Be aware of any other whaling fleets that were recently pinged, and if they are potentially working together. Verify your in-cyno’s name and that they are in comms. Make sure your first ping out has as much correct information as possible. Brave Mumble, Impass standing fleet comms is the go-to for Rorq saves in Impass. Get the fleet boss to move you into fleet command or hand you fleet boss so you can see the fleet composition (REMEMBER TO PUT THE ADVERT BACK UP). Ensure the subcap FC takes a separate, empty wing and subcap pilots start moving themselves into it. Set comms for capital and subcap pilots, with multiboxers prioritizing subcap comms, and the Cap FC shouting when necessary.

Any responding FCs MUST ask the following 2 questions before taking command:

1. "Is there a responding FC currently?"

If the answer to that question is no, then you follow up with the statement:

2. "I am the responding FC, [Your name here]."

PHASE 2 - Response

The response fleet will get formed in the doctrine specified in the responding FC’s ping, joining the standing fleet the tackled rorqual is in. Subcaps automatically undock and get on a titan. Once the FC decides the fleet size is sufficient, you will bridge into system and begin engaging the enemy fleet. There is no minimum amount of force taken when defending Rorquals, your goal is to overwhelm the enemy and obtain grid control as quickly as possible.

While the fleet forms, the Rorqual’s cloaky alt should be getting in a position to either light their cyno or provide a warpin onto grid that is as close to the friendly Rorquals as possible, at least 105km away from the Cyno Inhib, and, most importantly, not in line with any stop bubbles being dropped, particularly those in line with any L-sized or larger structures, or cyno beacons in system.

Responding FC: At this point, the time you choose to engage is dependent on numerous factors, including your fleet strength versus your enemy’s, whether or not the Rorqual is tanking or already in PANIC, and your subcap/capital strength when compared to your enemy’s escalation potential. The time limiting factor will typically be the time until the first Rorqual exits Panic.

Depending on whether you cyno directly onto grid or to a beacon, your Capital Escorts (Goalkeepers) will need to remain with the cyno to clear any bubbles or fast tackle attempting to break up your cap fleet and catch stragglers. 1-2 MR/S.H.I.E.L.D. FAXs can remain on grid with them to keep them alive.

When dropping at range, Initial response should also include:

  • 2-4 FAXs
  • 4-5 carriers

Single these pilots out beforehand so they know they are going in with the initial drop.

If no bridge is available, start burning from staging the moment the Rorqual reports that his tank is breaking. You must be on grid to cover the response capitals once they jump in.

Supercaps will not be employed unless at least a minimum of 15-20 FAXs are on standby. Carriers may be used, but ensure they are refitting for combat and not using shitfit ratting fits. Active FAXs will be the standard fit for Rorq saves. If an escalation occurs, then reshipping FAX pilots will be getting into Buffer fits if they have them.\n

Get caps on grid, pop the inhib, clear tackle, ensure all capitals are getting repairs and capacitor for another jump, *then* start chasing the enemy fleet down, using SUB CAPS ONLY. Capitals do not chase, but hold the grid with the Rorqual. Sending interdictors and tackle ahead to slow their escape and catch stragglers is fine.\n

In the event of an enemy capital/super escalation, you need to be notifying coalition FC channels immediately. Get in discord comms, as you are the only eyes and ears on grid until we can counter escalate. If you have any more cynos in your fleet, keep them alive and on standby. Make sure you caps that haven’t jumped yet are refitting for anticap duties (bomb dreads, buffer FAXs, SS/Anticap fighters, etc). Finally, any subcaps joining at that point should be getting into probing Dics/Hics to pin the enemy supers down.

Phase 3 - Enemy Inhib Anchoring

If you're paying attention, you will see at some point an enemy Cynosural Inhibitor. When you see this, immediately call out in comms. "There is an inhib anchoring, ## seconds remaining. please advise." If the FC does not appear to respond, repeat yourself clearly. Immediately target the inhib and attempt to kill it with drones. If it is able to anchor, call out "Enemy cyno inhib is anchored"

Responding FC: The anchor window is a period when you can get a token force of faxes and carriers (3 carriers, 2 faxes) on grid to kill the inhib, and protect a follow-up cyno. If you are able to take it, this will increase the chance of successs drastically. This opportunity expires when the inhib onlines.

Phase 4 - PANIC Activated

\ My tank is breaking, what do I do?

If by tank breaking you mean all your modules are burnt to a crisp and you’re entering structure, than yes, now is the time to…


Ensure you have a rock locked up (if you are being jammed, go into industrial core to nullify this). Active your PANIC module. Indicate this in fleet with time remaining (This is important, because the cycle time is skill-dependent). Red-cycle your Industrial Core. Regenerate as much shield and capacitor as you can, and repair any damaged modules. If a response fleet is coming, it will need to land before the end of your PANIC cycle. Once they land, a FAX will begin repairing your shields and injecting capacitor, so it’s VERY important for you to decycle your Indy Core. Be prepared to warp/jump as soon as tackle and bubbles have been cleared, as per the direction of the responding FC.


Phase 1 (No enemies on grid yet)

  1. Red cycle indy core
  2. Ensure depot deployed + in Range
  3. Refit for combat
  4. Recall Excavators > Scoop to cargo
  5. Undock and position in-cyno onto grid at tactical.

Phase 2 (Enemies landing):

  1. Stash excavators
  2. Watch for cyno inhib (turn on all brackets)
  3. Indy core green when start taking damage (take drugs as well)

Phase 3 (cyno inhib onlining)

  1. Attempt to kill cyno inhib with drones
  2. Report time remaining until inhib onlines in comms, and when it has successfully onlined

FC: If you can get a token force of Carriers/FAXs on grid to kill the inhib and have a follow up cyno, now is the time to bring them in. This opportunity closes when the first inhib onlines

Phase 4 (PANIC activated)

  1. Indicate time remaining on panic left in fleet (Update the FC minute-by-minute as your PANIC ticks down)
  2. Red cycle industrial core
  3. Repair + Regen as much cap and shield as possible
  4. Pray, because everything from this point onwards is out of your control.

FC Checklist

  1. Get control of the situation, join the correct standing fleet and take a command position (fleet command or boss)
  2. Confirm if you are the responding FC
  3. Choose a doctrine, ping a fleet in both slack + discord and confirm if there is a Titan ready to go in both stagings
  4. Gather intel on the enemy fleet (dscan, enemy alliance, etc)
  5. Coach the Rorq pilot on actions taken at each phase
  6. Start delegating duties (cap + subcap FC, whichever you take is up to you but you should be on grid with the initial drop, in something that won't get headshot)
  7. As situation develops, adjust your plan of attack accordingly
  8. Once you engage, if the enemy escalates, START PINGING EVERYTHING (Get in coalition coordination comms as well)
  9. Do not chase the enemy fleet too far away from the grid capitals are on until that grid has been cleared.

NOTE 1: If you are close to flipping the anomaly you are mining, consider completing the last rock with subcap miners only. If that rock dies while Rorquals are still on grid, none of those Rorquals will be able to PANIC if tackled.

NOTE 2: Using on-grid tacs to position your Rorquals is highly discouraged. Even while in indy core, you are still vulnerable to sensor dampening, which could prevent you from locking a rock while at an on-grid tac. Simply warp to grid first in a pod or interceptor, bookmark the rocks you wish to mine, then warp to those bookmarks at range.

NOTE 3: Mining in a system without a cyno beacon, if you do not have a cyno recon on an alt, is highly discouraged, as you leave yourself extremely vulnerable to whaling. If we cannot get a cyno into system because the enemy fleet is bubbling the gates, and have no way to bridge subcaps into system.

Ref A: Cyno/Covert Ops Placement Guide (Note: the tac grid should be burnt or made available to the character lighting the cyno, as they will need to use it to reach the appropriate position before lighting.

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