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This page is intended to help Alpha players decide which race to chose and give an overview of their general strengths and weaknesses. Omega clones can train any and all skills within Eve and so are not limited or affected by the choice of starting race. Choosing your character's race for Alpha clones is somewhat more important as unless you chose to pay a subscription you will be forever limited to your race's preferred skills and therefore other racial ships and items are unusable. However, as of the Arms Race update, Alpha clones are now capable of flying ships up to battleship size across all races.

Eve Online is often said to follow the idea of Rock/Paper/Scissor where no option is universally best. This also applies to Race choice. There is no best or worst starting race. The race you choose is mostly a decision on what race looks/feels the best in terms of backstory (for those that want to roleplay to some degree) or their fighting/general style. Each race in EVE uses a different philosophy with regards to the way their ships work and of course their visual appearance. When choosing your race think about how you want to experience Eve and which race best suits your own preferences.

Eve online has four available player races, Amarr, Gallente, Minmatar and Caldari. Each race is descended from the initial settlers in the lore of Eve and after the collapse of the Eve Gate each race developed in isolation forming their own identity.

The Amarrian ships are all golden, reflecting their deep religious culture. Amarr ships all use Lasers as their primary weapon and back this up with a variety of drones. Amarr ships are almost exclusively Armour tanked, though as with anything in Eve you as a player can break the paradigm, whether that is successful or not is up for grabs. Amarr ships have the strongest capacitor of any race in Eve but they need this capacitor as lasers are extremely power-hungry and as a new player running out of Capacitor can be a real problem. In PVP Amarr are generally strong, their frigates serve as good support in fleets. The E-War of choice for Amarr ships is tracking disruption; making enemies either less likely to score a hit or reducing their weapon's range. In destroyers the Amarr race have the Dragoon, a ship specialised in draining the capacitor of the enemy and the Coercer, a frigate-killing laser ship. At the cruiser level the Amarrians have the Maller, a behemoth of Armour tanked, laser firing supremacy.Amarr ships and their Armour tanks do have one drawback however, all that extra armour generally makes them slow. Amarr ships are relatively easy to skill for using one main weapon and tank system however fitting skills will be important in order to increase the amount of capacitor available and ensure fitting-heavy modules like armour plates have enough resources available for fitting. In PVE the Amarr ships are unspectacular, the Coercer is capable of basic ratting and running missions should not be too troublesome. The Magnate frigate offers good cargo-carrying capacity for the budding explorer but being a Tech 1 frigate it's easily killed if caught.

Like the Amarr the Gallente generally favour Armour tanks however many ships (such as the Vexor) are perfectly capable of fitting a shield tank and often do. Gallente ships strongly favour drones as their primary source of damage dealing and back this up with either Blasters for short-range or Railguns for longer-range. Gallente ships often fill support roles in larger fleets; E-War and Logistics but in small-gang or solo PVP Gallente have two strong ships in the Tristan and the Vexor. Both of these ships are very similar and both use Drones heavily. The Tristan is a frigate-sized ship which you can fly immediately and is very popular in solo-pvp (however solo-pvp is effectively end-game content and requires extensive skills). The Vexor is a bigger, stronger version of the Tristan and is cruiser-sized. It's extremely powerful in small-gang PVP and is able to take considerable damage before exploding. Currently Gallente Alpha clones have the easiest route to making ISK by using Vexors to kill NPCs (AKA ratting) to collect ISK bounties and so are very strong for PVE. In PVP however they are rarely seen in larger fleets except as E-War and Logistics. With the help of the Dojo Alphas should be able to make money regardless of race but PVE-oriented players would be wise to choose Gallente.

The Minmatar are perhaps the most diverse and flexible of all the races in Eve and this is shown in their ships. Many Minmatar ships are quite capable of fitting either shield or armour tanks and still be effective in battle. Minmatar ships are seen in almost all large scale battles in EVE from the ever reliably Scythe logistics cruiser to the Maelstrom Battleship there is no role that a Minmatar ship cannot fill. Minmatar ships are often fast and use Projectile weapons which do not use any capacitor, a vital edge when facing a cap-draining foe like the Amarr Dragoon. Minmatar ships are capable of solo PVP with the Slasher and Rifter being effective in the Frigate bracket and the Rupture being used as a reliable Cruiser however the Minmatar's true strength is in it's fleet capabilities. The Scythe is an exceptionally good logistics cruiser and an essential role in any shield based fleet, the Hurricane Battlecruiser and Maelstrom Battleship often excel in large battles against similar foes with the Rupture (cruiser) being a smaller brother to the two. The flexibility of Minmatar ships means that a budding Capsuleer should expect to train in multiple directions to fully appreciate the race's ships. Minmatar primarily use Projectile turrets and shield tanks however with ships such as the Breacher, Talwar, Bellicose and Typhoon using primarily missiles there is significant cross-training required. In PVE Minmatar ships are comparatively weak, their weapons mean that the ship must get much closer to the pirate NPCs and this puts them in serious danger of getting killed, the author recommends that Minmatar pilots wishing to earn extra ISK should look at Exploration or fleet up and provide Scythe logistics in a ratting fleet and earn a share of the bounties.

The Caldari philosophy with ship design seems to be to prioritise distance with mediocre tank although a few ships do deviate from this. Caldari ships use primarily either Missile or Hybrid turrets and use a combination of speed and range to terrorise their enemy. In frigates the most often ships used are the Condor and Kestrel, both missile ships capable of high speed and small shield tanks, in the hands of a skilled pilot they can easily win solo fights against any other frigate. In the Destroyer class the Cormorant truly stands out. With Omega skills the Cormorant, a Destroyer, is able to shoot up to 100km - many times that of any other Destroyer available however it has little in the way of tank. Even an Alpha clone should get impressive range from the bonuses to the Cormorant and it fills a niche role as a Destroyer sized sniper. Once again in the Cruiser class the Caldari have one outstanding ship: The Caracal. The Caracal is a missile boat which can fit an impressive shield tank while offloading a barrage of missiles at ranges from 40km up to above 100km. It's capable of fitting different sized launches aimed at larger ships for maximum damage or smaller ships for maximum application. A Caracal with a shield repairer and Rapid Light Missile launchers is capable of fighting outnumbered and killing Interceptors, something many Cruisers struggle with. The Caracal is extremely popular in both PVP and PVE, often seen in large fleets or running missions and ratting. Aside from the Caracal however the Caldari, like most other races, will struggle somewhat with higher level ratting complexes but its usefulness in PVP and the Caracal easily outweigh this minor inconvenience.

For many pilots the choice of Race is not as important as it may first seem. For general purposes any of the four races work well and the choice of Race has no impact or joining Brave (Or any other alliance that the author is aware of). Should you choose to subscribe the choice of Race becomes irrelevant as within a month or so you are able to train all of the starting skills of any other race. For those heavily interested in PVP aspects of Eve the author recommends either Minmatar or Caldari. For PVE, particularly ratting, Gallente appears to be the most successful however all races will be capable of earning enough ISK to be self-supported. The Amarr race is also very good in PVP, particularly in Brave with our Maller and Augoror Navy Issue doctrines making heavy use of Amarr ships. The Amarr race also has more specialist ships such as the Dragoon or Punisher filling extremely fun and varied roles.

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