Moon mining is an excellent way to make isk and the taxes pay the alliance bills. Prior to October 2017 moons contained "goo" that was passively extracted using player owned stations (POS) and was mostly controlled at an alliance level. Now CCP has spread moongoo to the masses by requiring the moons to actively be mined. An Athanor or Tatara is used to blow up a chunk of moon that can take from 1 week to almost 2 months to explode into a minable asteroid belt. The new moon rocks contain goo that are then reacted to build tech 2 ships and modules.


  1. No more skills required than normal mining
  2. Show up at a moon after its exploded ( Site with timer for the next moon or ask in #mining-ops slack)
  3. Warp to the most attractive rock This site sorts the moon ore by value
  4. Target the rock
  5. Turn on mining lasers
  6. When you are full, dock up in the athanor
  7. Drop off and repeat
  8. Sell the moon ore to a buyback or refine it yourself
  9. On Monday you'll receive a tax mail from the alliance to pay 7% of the value of the ore, please pay it!

Class Recording: Jinx's Moon mining Class (link fixed)

Refer to the alliance page for moon mining locations Moon Mining

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