Moon mining is an excellent way to make isk and the taxes pay the alliance bills. Prior to October 2017 moons contained "goo" that was passively extracted using player owned stations (POS) and was mostly controlled at an alliance level. Now CCP has spread moongoo to the masses by requiring the moons to actively be mined. An Athanor or Tatara is used to blow up a chunk of moon that can take from 1 week to almost 2 months to explode into a minable asteroid belt. The new moon rocks contain goo that are then reacted to build tech 2 ships and modules.


  1. No more skills required than normal mining
  2. Go to a public moon after it has exploded ( Site with timer for the next moon or ask in #mining-ops slack)
  3. Warp to the most attractive rock This site sorts the moon ore by value
  4. Target the rock
  5. Turn on mining lasers
  6. When you are full, dock up in the athanor or drop it from outside (you do not have to dock anymore, you can drop it from outside)
  7. Go back to the rock or find a new rock and repeat
  8. Sell the moon ore to a buyback or refine it yourself
  9. On Monday you'll receive a tax mail from the alliance to pay 7% of the value of the ore, please pay it immediately!

Mining Guidelines

  1. Join the fleet - Either “Catch Standing” or “Impass Standing”. This will help you give/get boosts and often get you valuable intel about enemies spotted close by.
  2. Be on comms (Mumble) for the same reason as above
  3. Join the intel channels in game: int.impass, int.catch and report neutral ships that pass by.
  4. It is fine to sit next to larger mining ships that give boosts (Porpoise, Orca and Rorquals), but especially in the beginning, try to not mine the same rocks as other people. When the rocks are all but mined out, you can share rocks.
  5. Mining with Rorquals on public moons are ok, but do not park five of them in the belt. Multiboxing is also ok, but there to, stay classy and do not show up with a whole fleet of your own and eat all the rocks before anyone can get to them. It is considered bad form unless you are alone at the moon and if people keep doing this, leadership might start setting up rules for public moons which no one wants or likes.

Class Recording: Jinx's Moon mining Class (link fixed)

Finding public moons

All moons in systems owned by Brave belong to Brave Collective. The moons with the highest value ore are in most cases open to the public and handled by Brave leadership directly. This means that anyone in Brave can come mine them and often make loads of isk even in a starter Frigate. All the other moons are open for renting by private individuals for a fixed sum each month and is then only open for these individuals and whoever they approve to mine there.

To find the public moons go here and log in: Site with timer for the next moon

Here you will see current and upcoming moons and when you can start mining them. Go to the system and warp to the athanor with the name in the list. If the moon has exploded, there will be rocks hanging between the moon and the station that you can warp to and start mining.

Refer to the alliance page for moon mining locations and what type of ore the moons contain: Moon Mining

What should I mine?

To find out what rocks to mine first, check this list to see the value: This site sorts the moon ore by value

The “Rarity 64” materials (Monazite, Loparite, Ytterbite, Xenotime) and some of the R32 materials (Zircon, Pollucite, Carnotite) generally have a value at least ten times the worth of the best normal ore, so it is highly sought after. If you want a piece of these rocks, you should make sure to show up at the exact time the moon pops. They will normally only last 1-2 hours.

Mining ships and fittings

To Be Updated

Moon Mining Tax

Brave Collective has a tax on moon mining. Currently it is 7% for most moons except down in the Impass pocket where it is 10%. If you mine public moons, it should be 7% overall, since there are no public moons in the pocket.

Every Monday, you will get an in-game e-mail with the amount of tax you owe and who to pay it to. Make sure to keep some of the isk from your mining to pay it. Failure to pay the mining tax can get you kicked from corp. Should you be away on vacation etc. Let the moon managers know through the contact form here:

You can also pre-pay moon mining tax if you want to, if you have isk burning in your pocket. Log in to the moon-page to see how much you owe: Moon Page

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