Things you should know about EVE

This is a collection of little things you should know about playing EVE.

  • Passive alignment doesn't work. - If your ship isn't moving, it doesn't matter which direction the model points at. EVE treats ships as vectors.

  • For Cap Boosters, always use the largest charge you can fit. - It gives you the biggest boost per time, since you have the smallest amount of cycles.

  • For Ancillary Shield Boosters, use the smallest charge you can. - You want to be able to run it for as many cycles as possible before you have to reload.

  • Ancillary Shield Boosters cost no cap to run while there are charges loaded, they cost more cap than a normal Shield Booster once you run out of charges.

  • Ancillary Armor Repairers repair a higher amount while they are loaded with nanite repair paste. Once you run out of paste, the repair amount is less than that of a normal rep.

  • Turn off auto-reload for all Ancillary Armor Repairers and Ancillary Shield Boosters. In many situations it is better to run them with reduced effectiveness instead of going through the one minute reload.

  • Warp Scramblers will deactivate your MWD.

  • Be Proactive in your TAC creation. Tactical bookmarks can mean the difference between you shedding tears or the punk that tried to gank you.

  • You don't allways land on stations in a range where you can dock immediately. Use Instadock bookmarks to avoid that.

  • To warp somewhere, you have to be aligned to it sufficiently. This means that you have to be moving in the correct direction and be fast enough (70% of your maximum speed)

  • When you undock, you will start with more than 100% of your normal speed for any ship. This means if you have a bookmark in front of the undock, you can warp to it immediately. This is called an Instaundock.

  • When you undock, you can press CTRL+Space to stop your ship. If you don't press any other buttons or activate any modules or navigate in space, you will be invulnerable for 30 seconds.

  • After undocking, you will have a session change for about 10 seconds. This means you won't be able to dock back up immediately. See the tip above to avoid being killed.

  • Do not warp directly to gates or stations in Null! Using Bookmarks near them (but more than 150km away) ensures that you are able to avoid bubbles.

  • If you know something that fits in here, please add it!

  • After leaving a fleet you get a session timer that stops you from docking a few seconds, so its important to never leave your fleet right before docking

  • Before you undock, check your HAIR -
    • Hostiles in local?
    • Ammo in your cargo hold?
    • Insurance for your ship?
    • Repaired your armour/hull/drones?
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