Farming Triglavian and Edencom sites

This process works off having a substantial standings buffer for both Edencom and Triglavians

  • Minimum 0.15 standing with both Edencom and Triglavians. (See How to get positive Triglavian Standings? for information on how to get standings)
  • The ability to run the below fit optimally, which means both core and support skills at a minimum of level 4
  • Buy insurance, you'll need it, expect a loss once every 4-5 runs, especially vs triglavians.
Go to a trade hub that's not Amarr (this is so you can be close to Triglavian and Edencom Minor Victory systems) and purchase your Caracal. Don't forget the salvagers.

Use nova missiles on Triglavians and Mjolnir on Edencom.

Having a 40km missile range is handy to reach fast frigates.

Why a Caracal? It does the job, and it's cheap to lose. And you will lose ships.
Triglavian/Edencom Caracal
[Caracal, Trig/Edencom hunter]
Ballistic Control System II
Ballistic Control System II
Ballistic Control System II
Damage Control II

50MN Cold-Gas Enduring Microwarpdrive
Large Shield Extender II
Large Shield Extender II
Multispectrum Shield Hardener II
Cap Recharger II

Rapid Light Missile Launcher II
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II

Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I

Hobgoblin II x2

Nova Fury Light Missile x4100
Mjolnir Fury Light Missile x4000
Salvager I x5

This method works for both Triglavian and Edencom
(For Edencom, it's recommended this is done in Minmatar or Caldari space as Edencom systems come with bonuses to shield in that space.)

  1. Create a fleet with yourself in it. Fleet boss is required to "tag" rats.
  2. Go to your nearest Trig/Edencom minor victory/fortress and find the following anomaly in your probe scanner. "Stellar Fleet Deployment" (Triglavian), "Stellar Observation Post" (Edencom)
  3. Warp to the site and take the acceleration gate. On entering the headspace pocket you should be presented with the following message if the site hasn't been previously triggered. Our sensors detect the presence of Triglavian structural deployment teams. Drive off the guards so that their work may be more closely inspected. (This method only works if the site hasn't been triggered before)
  4. On entering the deadspace pocket there will be rats already on grid. Confirm their velocity is 0 and tag these rats with the number 1. Do not attack. (If the rats are moving this means they're a patrol and can be ignored. Just tag stationary rats) Sometimes a wave of rats will warp in after 30 sec - 1 min, this means there will be 4 waves in total. Continue the below process but kill the 4th wave instead.
  5. 4 minutes later a second wave of rats will warp in, tag these number 2. Do not attack.
  6. 4 minutes later a third and final wave will warp in, tag these number 3.
  7. Carefully target and attack each ship in wave 3. Do not destroy them. Bring them down to low health. Continue until every ship in wave 3 is at low health and can be destroyed within a few seconds of each other.
  8. Kill the biggest rat in wave 3, this will agro the pocket. You're goal is to kill all the rats in wave 3 before you die. Clearing wave 3, clears the site and the remaining rats will start warping off.
  9. Bookmark a wreck for later salvaging and warp off. Wait 15 minutes before going back for the salvage.

Things to note:

  • Sometimes more rats warp in after killing wave 3, you need to kill these new rats as well to clear the site.
  • Sometimes the rats don't warp off after clearing the site so make sure you warp off immediately after clearing the site.
  • Sometimes the rats are still there after 15 minutes. Forget the salvage, the site is bugged, the remaining rats will just kill you.
  • Sometimes the leshak in the room agros first, just warp off. The leshak has insane DPS and tracking, it's pretty much a guaranteed death.

The idea here is to run a Triglavian Site followed by an Edencom Site to balance and maintain positive standing with both factions. Don't go into the neutral or negative. Thats bad ju ju.
On average you will take a standing loss of 0.028 with the faction you kill and an equivalent gain with the other. Sometimes this loss is substantially more (0.05+), sometimes less. That's why the buffer is important, you do not want to go into negative standing while in a factions system.

  • (HS) 66.5M + Guaranteed T2 Salvage (Edencom)
  • (LS and Pochven) 95M + Guaranteed T2 Salvage (Edencom)
  • (HS) 50M + 3333 DED LP + Trig Salvage (Triglavian)
  • (LS and Pochven) 75.5M + 4766 DED LP + Trig Salvage (Triglavian)

If you kill the EDENCOM Fortification Orca you may get the following:

  • Electromagnetic Metaprismatic Sheeting
  • Hyperbolic Metatransistor Array
  • Ultraconducting Ablative Nanocable

Additional Farms

The below farming techniques are for fleets only and should be FC'd by someone with suitable experience and knowledge on the type of rats that can spawn. The expense of the hulls on grid is substantial and the risk of losing a ship is high when mistakes are made. Do your research before attempting to run the below content.

The Edencom sites can be farmed relatively easily with a fleet of Gilas. The main difference between the solo farm above and the fleet farm is the loot. As being in a fleet allows for a full clear of the site netting up to 60-70M in loot along with the isk payout listed in the reward section above. The fit hasn't been posted here intentionally, for the latest fit contact Brave Empire leadership or consult Brave Empires corp fittings under, [TRIG DOC] Edencom Gila.

The Gila fleet only works for Minmatar and Gallente Edencom sites, the Gila does not have the tank to run the other empires, or Trigs

The steps are as follows:

  1. Get your fleet of Gilas ready, minimum requirements are 3 people in Gilas, 1 in a noctis (to salvage the site once its complete). 3 Gilas can clear a fresh site that hasn't been started, 4 are required if you need to clear a site that has already been started and all rats are already on grid.
  2. Go to your target system that contains a "Stellar Observation Post" in Gallente or Minmatar space, enter the site, and place all drones on the Orca as you burn into range of the rest of the rats. Do not engage any other rats until the orca pops.
  3. Once the Orca pops it's time to clear the rest of the rats. If you're running a 3 man fleet, assign two fleet members to kill frigates, one to kill cruisers and up. 4 people, 2 kill frigates and 2 for cruisers and up. You get the idea. You need to clear frigates as then scram.
  4. Rats will continue to warp in for the next 15-20 minutes. Clear them as they turn up until you get an isk payout and the remaining rats warp off. That will be the end of the site.
  5. Bookmark a wreck and warp the fleet off so the site despawns. The noctis pilot can salvage about ~5 minutes after site completion. (Make sure the noctis pilot has positive standings with both trigs and edencom, you don't want to die to the gunstars)

Each site you clear will net you a -.028 standing hit with Edencom and the equivalent gain with Triglavians. Make sure members of the fleet don't fall into negative standing otherwise leaving the system will be difficult.

Triglavian invasions can occur in systems with a Pochven Wormhole. (For additional details on where these wormholes spawn, click here)
All fits for the ships mentioned below are kept within the Brave Empire corp fittings in order to keep them up to date with current farming techniques.


If a Pochven wormhole spawns and it goes undisturbed it will not cause an invasion of a system.
We want the opposite, we want them spawning like crazy so we can farm efficiently.

Fleet Composition
The primary components of a Triglavian invasion farming fleet are as follows:

  • Sniper fit, Armour tanked Marauders
    Paladin is the optimal hull for this as it has instant ammo swapping and hits the Triglavian thermal resist hole. The beam lasers also cycle quickly allowing more efficient use of DPS.
    Kronos is the second preference for its rail guns and armour tank.
    Vargur is the third preference, its alpha is unmatched, but its shield tank and slow cycle times with artillery canons lets it down (great for clearing leshaks though). Golems can't be accepted on these fleets due to missile flight time, cruise missile application on small fast moving targets and the shield tank.
  • Damnation
    2x Armour command bursts and 1x information command burst. This ship is specially fit to boost the tank of the fleet, increase lock range and function as the last line of defense vs tackle with its RLMLs.
  • Sniper fit Nagas
    Fit for extreme range sniping, these are similar to the ones used for killing sleepers in pochven. They have no tank, so if they take agro, will have to leave grid.
  • Noctis
    Salvager MUST, AND I REPEAT, MUST HAS POSITIVE TRIGLAVIAN STANDINGS or it will die and the fleet loses its loot.
  • Additional support ships can be useful, target painting or long range webs, but aren't rally necessary.

To prime a system in order to farm efficiently, the Triglavians need to get "angry" and start invading the system. This is done by clearing the Pochven wormhole's Triglavian guards and roaming fleets found in the system.

Most fleets are FC'd from the Damnation to allow them to focus on calling targets and being the optimal warp in for the DPS within the fleet.
They're also the sacrifice if a Marauder gets tackled and are the last off grid. The steps for clearing the WH:

  1. The FC will warp to the pochven WH bookmark (that has previously been scanned and bookmarked) at 100km
  2. On land immediately align away from your warp in direction and MJD to get 200km from the Triglavians
  3. Once at 200km the DPS boats can warp in, engage bastion and start shotting. Nagas should priorities frigates and destroyers, while Marauders will do the same with the exception of leshaks. Leshaks can spool to very high DPS and can't be allowed to live for too long.
  4. The noctis should warp to the fleet after the Triglavians have been engaged. Once on grid they can warp to a wreck to being the salvage operation.
  5. The WH is cleared once all triglavians are dead and fleet members have received an isk payout and some DED LP

After the WH is cleared, the remaining in system triglavian fleets need to be destroyed. Use DScan to find them. Repeat the above process, but the FC will warp to the celestial at 100km instead of a bookmark.
Once all fleets are cleared it will be up to 15 minutes before the Triglavians will respawn in their "angry" invasion state. Good time to take a bio break and get something to drink.


Once the invasion has started the real farm can begin. The process is much the same as killing the roaming Triglavian fleets above, but these new fleets will call in reinforcements.
If your fleet is regularly finding Triglavians are getting within 60-70km of the fleet, this means that you don't have enough DPS.

There are three levels of angry the invasion fleets can be. This is dependent on how many times the pochven wormhole has been cleared. The WH guards respawn every 1HR. If thy are cleared again after the first time, this will escalate the invasion spawning more difficult and elite Triglavians. The wormhole can be cleared three times. Increasing the level, increases the loot but also the difficulty.


The following is the current payout rate, per person, per role. If multiboxing, its a single payout for that person at the highest rate per the role they are performing. Eg. Marauder + Naga, they get paid for 1x Marauder.

This table is subject to change and may not be up to date.

Ship Isk factor
Naga T1 1.0
Naga T2 1.25
Domi 1.5
Marauder 2.0
FC 2.0
Salvage 2.0
Support 0.5
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