How to Rat in a Dreadnought

Capital ratting is obviously kind of a big gap compared to running a Gila, Dominix, or Ishtar. It is a bigger up front investment both in terms of skill points and ISK but the 60-70 million ISK ticks will make up for it.

The raw DPS of a dreadnought will make you clear targeted sites in a blink, and your capital status makes you by default important enough to send a ping and drop our capital forces to save.

However, with great power comes great reponsibility. AFK ratting is not possible with this class of ship as it was with a Dominix. More importantly, you need to be comfortable with the different mechanics surrounding capital ships to give yourself the best chance of survival when ratting. If you need a refresher on Capital Ships, head to this page.

Disclaimer: This page mainly focuses on Naglfar ratting, but the idea and method would be similar for Catch (Sansha) with an adapted Revelation fit.

Minmatar Dreadnought

Amarr Dreadnought

The Vexor Newbro Edition
Gallente T1 Cruiser
Free From The Dojo! Low Skills

The Ratting Myrmidon
Gallente T1 Battlecruiser
~80 Million ISK Low Skills

The Ratting Dominix
Gallente T1 Battleship
~350 Million ISK Medium Skills

The Ratting Gila
Guristas Faction Cruiser
~390 Million ISK Medium Skills

The Isktar
Gallente Heavy Assault Cruiser
~225 Million ISK Medium Skills

Ratting Marauders
Caldari / Gallente Marauders
1 - 2 Billion ISK High Skills

Ratting Carriers
Minmatar Carrier
3 - 4 Billion ISK Capital Skills

Ratting Dreadnoughts
Minmatar / Amarr Dreadnoughts
4 - 5 Billion ISK Capital Skills

Ratting Supers
Minmatar Supercarrier
38 - 42 Billion ISK Capital Skills

These dreadnoughts focus on raw DPS and optimization of damage application

Revelation T2

Faction vs T2 variation are possible, aiming to keep above 3600 DPS if your skills allow it as explained below

[Revelation, Djavak's Querious Revelation]
Damage Control II
Multispectrum Energized Membrane II
Multispectrum Energized Membrane II
EM Energized Membrane II
Heat Sink II
Capital I-a Enduring Armor Repairer
Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II

Sensor Booster II
Tracking Computer II
Tracking Computer II
Capital Capacitor Booster II

Siege Module II
Dark Blood Large EMP Smartbomb
Quad Mega Pulse Laser II
Quad Mega Pulse Laser II
Quad Mega Pulse Laser II

Capital Energy Discharge Elutriation I
Capital Energy Discharge Elutriation I
Capital Energy Burst Aerator I

Targeting Range Script x1
Tracking Speed Script x2
Optimal Range Script x2
Cap Booster 3200 x15
Scan Resolution Script x1
Conflagration XL x9

Naglfar T2

Faction vs T2 variation are possible, aiming to keep above 3200 DPS if your skills allow it as explained below

[Naglfar, Jinx's ratting Naglfar]
Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer
Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer
Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer
Tracking Enhancer II
Tracking Enhancer II
Damage Control II

Capital Shield Booster II
Capital Capacitor Booster I
Pithum C-Type Multispectrum Shield Hardener
Sentient Sensor Booster
Federation Navy Tracking Computer
Tracking Computer II

Quad 800mm Repeating Cannon II
Quad 800mm Repeating Cannon II
Quad 800mm Repeating Cannon II
Large Proton Smartbomb II
Siege Module II

Capital Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer I
Capital Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer I
Capital Projectile Burst Aerator II

Cap Booster 3200 x100
Hail XL x15000
Optimal Range Script x2
Scan Resolution Script x2
Tracking Speed Script x2
Hydrogen Isotopes x100000
Strontium Clathrates x1500

DO NOT run sites in P-ZMZV. You are very likely to lose your ship due to high PVP activity.

Below is a guide on ratting in Querious with a Revelation, by Djavak Andrard, Brave Collective's Capital Director. This video covers the fit you'll need, the site's you'll want to run, and an example of how not to drop on a ratting dreadnought, generously provided by an unlucky Darwinism Purifier pilot.

Dreadnoughts focus on Forlorn Hubs which can be run sites in both Angel Cartel and Sansha's Nation space effectively using the same methodology.

This fit can roughly run 3 sites in 20 minutes if you try and focus on "close sites" and reduce time spent in warp. You need about 3200 DPS to single siege sites, if you have to siege twice it'll reduce your ticks significantly.

Forlorn Hubs work with triggers that enable the following wave. You need to learn and pay attention to these as they are a key part of this "ratting routine".

Below is the ultimate video guide by our own Jinx De'Caire.

Before Undocking

  • You absolutely need to be on comms and in standing fleet so you can hear intel and call for support in real time.
  • Consider insuring your ship, as Dreadnought still have a decent insurance offer.
  • Make sure you have what you in need in cargo with you before undocking (ammo, Cap boosters, scripts, isotopes, etc..)

After Undocking

  • Begin cycling your hardener, sensor booster and tracking computers (generally one range and one tracking). Keep these active permanently.

Repeat For Each Site

  • Warp to a site at zero.
  • Activate your siege module. This will be the only activation as you will warp away at the end of the cycle, independently of what you have killed. Don't forget to red-cycle it.
  • Turn on your smartbomb to destroy NPC tackling frigates approaching you.
  • Kill them! Make sure you always have at least one battleship targeted between wave spawns to have something to shoot at all times. The goal is to have all the NPCs spawn by hitting all the triggers in order :
  1. Gistatis [Something] x2
  2. Arch Gistum [Something] x2
  3. Battleships 30km or closer, sorted furthest to closest.
  4. All remaining battleships, sorted closest to furthest.
  5. All battlecruisers, sorted furthest to closest, ignoring any <10km away.
  6. All cruisers, sorted furthest to closest, until your siege timer runs out.
  • Make sure you are always targeting at least one battleship at all times. Any second not firing is "lost" isk. Should you be able to kill all battleships within one Siege cycle, you can trying going for some battlecruisers.
  • Feel free to heat you guns throughout the 3 sites, making sure you will not need to repair before docking up before the next round.
  • Used your shield booster and cap boosters as necessary.
  • Make sure to always reload when moving from one site to another.

As a note: If at any point during the site an enemy ship lands on grid you should immediately red-cycle siege.

For Light Resistance

"Light" resistance is any combination of up to 10 subcaps that does NOT include:
  • Triglavian Ships
  • Heavy Interdiction Cruisers
  • Logistics Cruisers
  • Battleships

  1. Mention on comms that you're tackled and may require support.
  2. Make sure you get to as much capacitor you can.
  3. Only cycle shield booster as necessary to save cap
  4. Target all the enemies
  5. Begin killing the the weakest tackle ships on grid. Afterburner destroyer or frigates will be hard to hit. You may need to switch your scripts to tracking scripts. You may need to take Drop pill.
  6. If you find yourself unable to kill the tackle or your tank is breaking, continue to the below section.
  7. If you kill the ships before help lands and you de-cycle siege, warp off or jump out.
  8. Re-siege if necessary to continue killing tackle if help is more than a few seconds off.

For Heavy Resistance

Anything that's stronger than "Light" resistance is "Heavy" resistance.

- Make sure you're sieged
  1. Heat your hardeners.
  2. Start screaming on comms and in fleet for support, ping #impass-pings or #catch-pings or on the Voltron Discord.
    1. Get someone else to FC the organization of caps and subcaps, doing so yourself can overwhelm you.
  3. Put 'www <system>' in fleet, and kill any tackle you're capable of killing.
  4. Use your shield booster as necessary to maintain shield. Heat if required.
  5. Manage cap boosters
  6. If you have a cyno ship, warp it cloaked to the grid near your carrier, and light the cyno when the FC calls for it.
  7. Follow FC directions from this point on. Good luck.
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