The Dominix has been a staple of ratting since the VNI nerfs of 2019. It remains a ship capable of making consistent ISK in nullsec anomalies while possessing a variety of defensive capabilities should it come under attack.

You can make around 10-16 million isk/tick (every 20 minutes) using this fit, assuming a 100% Bounty Risk Modifier.

Gallente T1 Battleship

The Vexor Newbro Edition
Gallente T1 Cruiser
Free From The Dojo! Low Skills

The Ratting Myrmidon
Gallente T1 Battlecruiser
~80 Million ISK Low Skills

The Ratting Dominix
Gallente T1 Battleship
~350 Million ISK Medium Skills

The Ratting Gila
Guristas Faction Cruiser
~390 Million ISK Medium Skills

The Isktar
Gallente Heavy Assault Cruiser
~225 Million ISK Medium Skills

Ratting Marauders
Caldari / Gallente Marauders
1 - 2 Billion ISK High Skills

Ratting Carriers
Minmatar Carrier
3 - 4 Billion ISK Capital Skills

Ratting Dreadnoughts
Minmatar / Amarr Dreadnoughts
4 - 5 Billion ISK Capital Skills

Ratting Supers
Minmatar Supercarrier
38 - 42 Billion ISK Capital Skills

The Pure Blind Dominix requires only a few modifications to update from the Querious variant, and like it can run Havens.

Ratting Dominix - Pure Blind

This Fit Requires Capacitor Stability Without the Neuts Running!

[Dominix, Ratting Dominix - Pure Blind]

Reactive Armor Hardener
Large Armor Repairer II
Kinetic Armor Hardener II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II

Omnidirectional Tracking Link II
Drone Navigation Computer II
Cap Recharger II
Large Cap Battery II
Large Cap Battery II

Drone Link Augmentor II
Drone Link Augmentor II
Heavy Energy Neutralizer II
Heavy Energy Neutralizer II
Heavy Energy Neutralizer II
425mm Prototype Gauss Gun

Large Kinetic Armor Reinforcer I
Large Thermal Armor Reinforcer I
Large Auxiliary Nano Pump I

Wasp II x6
Hornet EC-300 x5
Hornet II x5
Vespa II x5
Warden II x5

Thorium Charge L x1000
Optimal Range Script x1
Tracking Speed Script x1

If You're New to Ratting

Give the Introduction to Ratting page a read to avoid common mistakes and get some background knowledge.

Running Each Site

Your Hardeners, Armor Repairer, and Omnidirectional Tracking Link should always be active while you're in a site.

  1. Warp to the site at 30km.
  2. You can sit still or orbit as desired, you should be able to tank regardless.
  3. Fire a few railgun volleys into the rats to draw their aggression.
  4. Drop Wasps and aggress a rat.
    1. If your drones come under attack, recall them and repeat the previous two steps.

Kill Order: Destroyers → Cruisers → Frigates → Battlecruisers → Battleships

Site-Specific Information

Some sites require special attention due to a particularly nasty wave or unusual mechanics.

Havens (Stargate Variant)
  • The final wave of this site may spawn NPC Capitals. If an NPC Capital appears you must warp off immediately to avoid being volleyed.
  • This site has a warp-in position unusually far off the rats' spawn point. You'll want to warp to this site at zero.

Runnable Sites

The sites in this list have been tested and determined to be runnable using the above fit(s). It is not necessarily comprehensive, and some sites may require special attention which will be noted in the section above.

  • Guristas Havens (Stargate Variant)
  • Guristas Forsaken Hubs
  • Guristas Hubs
  • Guristas Forsaken Rally Points

For Light Resistance

"Light" resistance is up to 2 Assault Frigates, T3Ds, or T1 Cruisers.

  1. Begin aligning to a citadel.
  2. Use your heavy neuts to neut out tackle. Focus them immediately with Medium Drones.
  3. If you're comfortable doing so, you can try to kill the gang at this point. If not, warp off to a citadel.

For Heavy Resistance

Anything that's stronger than "Light" resistance is "Heavy" resistance.

  1. Begin aligning to a citadel.
  2. Utilize your EC-300s and neuts to get tackle off. The second tackle drops warp off to a citadel.
  3. If you're hard tackled or bubbled, put www <system> in fleet and scream on comms for support.
    1. Focus the most expensive ship on grid and pray support lands in time.

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