Sansha Prison Camp - 8/10

Just destroy the 9 ships present here to proceed to the next room. Don't let this room give you a false sense of security; the next will be much stronger.

First Room Ships
Battleships - 2
Destroyers - 7

This room comes with many more rats than the previous, destroy them all to proceed. Bear in mind the Centus Beast Lords have tracking disruptors.

Second Room Ships
Battleships - 7 (Tracking Disruption)
Battlecruisers - 6
Destroyers - 16

As with the previous two rooms, destroy all the rats in this room to proceed. This room has a high chance to spawn a faction battleship rat, which drops True Sansha Armor Battleship modules.

Third Room Ships
(Chance) True Sansha Tyrant

Sentry Towers - 4 (Damage Negligible) 

Battleships - 7 (Tracking Disruption)
Battlecruisers - 5
Cruisers - 4
Destroyers - 13

To finish this final room and the site, just destroy the Sansha's Nation Central Bastion. This structure has heavy armor reps requiring about 1,500 dps to break, while also having an extremely large structure buffer. 2 Rattlesnakes or 3 T3 Cruisers are highly recommended to break it. It has a chance of dropping Centus B-Type and True Sansha modules, along with a 1 run Nightmare BPC. This room possess an extremely large number of rats, but won't push the tank of most dedicated DED running ships due to most of the rats being frigates and destroyers.

Fourth Room Ships
Sansha's Nation Central Bastion (Webifies - Requires ~1,500 DPS to Break)

Sentry Towers - 4 (Damage Negligible)
Stasis Towers - 4

Battleships - 6 (Tracking Disruption)
Battlecruisers - 10
Cruisers - 7
Destroyers - 16
Frigates - 13
Effects TierApproximate Value
21st80,000,000.00 ISK
Deadspace SubsetDeadspace LevelArmor/Shield
Faction SubsetModule SizeArmor/Shield
True SanshaBattleshipArmor
Ship ClassShip SizeApproximate Ship Value
NightmareBattleship414,000,000.00 ISK
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