Blood Raider Prison Camp

The Blood Raider Prison Camp is the Blood Raiders' 8/10 DED site. This site is one of the rare DEDs that has an additional loot drop on top of the main Overseer: a faction battleship spawn in the 3rd room.
Blood Raiders - 8 / 10

The first room only contains a few rats, all of which need to be destroyed before taking the next gate.

First Room Ships

Battleships - 2
Destroyers - 7

The second room contains quite a few more ships, they shouldn't significantly stress your tank though. Like with the first room they all need to be destroyed before proceeding.

Be warned that Corpus Harbinger Battleships will start neuting within about 25km.

Second Room Ships

Battleships - 7
Battlecruisers - 6
Destroyers - 16

The third room contains even more ships, some sentry towers, along with a single Dark Blood Battleship.

Like with the previous room, Corpus Harbinger Battleships will start neuting within about 25km.

The Dark Blood Pope drops Dark Blood modules.

Third Room Ships

Dark Blood Pope

Sentry Towers - 4

Battleships - 7
Battlecruisers - 5
Cruisers - 4
Destroyers - 13

The final room contains several large groups of rats, along with the only Overseer Structure in the site. Kill the Blood Raider Central Bastion to finish the site. It has a chance of dropping Dark Blood and Corpus B-Type modules, along with a 1 run Bhaalgorn BPC. Once the structure's been destroyed, you can bookmark the cargo container, drop an MTU, or finish the remaining rats altogether.

The Blood Raider Central Bastion has a 75% stasis webification effect within 50km. It has a large structure pool of 400,000 hp, but no other significant tank.

Fourth Room Ships

Blood Raider Central Bastion (No significant tank)

Sentry Towers - 4
Stasis Towers - 4

Battleships - 6
Battlecruisers - 9
Cruisers - 6
Destroyers - 16
Frigates - 15

Overseer's Personal Effects

Effects Tier Approximate Value
21st 80,000,000.00 ISK

Blueprint Copies

Ship Class Ship Size Approximate Ship Value
Bhaalgorn Battleship 630,000,000.00 ISK

Deadspace Modules

Deadspace Subset Deadspace Level Armor/Shield
Corpus B-Type Armor

Faction Modules

Faction Subset Module Size Armor/Shield
Dark Blood Battleship Armor
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