Crimson Hand Supply Depot

The Crimson Hand Supply Depot is the Blood Raiders' 6/10 DED site. As a 6/10 it has a chance to drop A-Type Multispectrum Resistance modules, giving it an extremely high maximum value.
Blood Raiders - 6 / 10

Destroy all the ships to proceed to the next room. Gate Security only drops a now defunct key.

First Room Ships

Gate Security

Sentry Towers - 5

Battleships - 3
Destroyers - 17

Again destroy all the ships to proceed. The Crimson Hand Container drops a defunct key and on occasion Dark Blood modules.

Second Room Ships

Crimson Hand Container

Sentry Towers - 3
Cruise Missile Battery - 2
Stasis Towers - 2

Battleships - 5
Destroyers - 8

This room contains two gates, the Supply Sector gate leads to an optional room, and the command sector leads to the final room.

Destroy all the ships to access either of the two gates. The Crimson Sentinel drops a defunct key and on occasion Dark Blood modules.

Third Room Ships

Crimson Sentinel

Battleships - 12

This room contains the Slaver Rig Control tower structure, some rats, and an acceleration gate back to the third room.

The Slaver Rig Control Tower drops a defunct key and on occasion Dark Blood modules.

Optional Room Ships

Slaver Rig Control Tower 

Sentry Towers - 14
Cruise Missile Batteries - 9

Battleships - 8
Destroyers - 21

The final room contains the site's Overseer Battleship, a Crimson Lord. It has a chance of dropping Dark Blood and Corpum A-Type modules, along with a 1 run Ashimmu BPC. Once the it's been destroyed, you can bookmark the wreck, drop an MTU, or finish the remaining rats altogether.

Fourth Room Ships

Crimson Lord

Sentry Towers - 14
Cruise Missile Batteries - 4

Battleships - 6

Overseer's Personal Effects

Effects Tier Approximate Value
19th 51,000,000 ISK

Blueprint Copies

Ship Class Ship Size Approximate Ship Value
Ashimmu Cruiser 92,000,000 ISK

Deadspace Modules

Deadspace Subset Deadspace Level Armor/Shield
Corpum A-Type Armor

Faction Modules

Faction Subset Module Size Armor/Shield
Dark Blood Cruiser Armor
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