Blood Raider Naval Shipyard

The Blood Raider Naval Shipyard is the Blood Raiders' 10/10 DED site. It's unique among 10/10s due to not only the high neuting pressure within it, but the also the lower barrier to entry compared to other 10/10s.

Almost all methods of running this site involve a Micro Jump Drive to avoid the neut pressure. The site is extremely difficult if not impossible to run without one!

Blood Raiders - 10 / 10

The first room has a fair amount of ships. You need to kill all the ships on grid (excluding towers) before you activate the acceleration gate. It's recommended to MJD directly upwards to avoid most of the DPS. You'll find that a few stray frigates spawn as the room progresses.

First Room Ships

Cruise Missile Batteries - 8
Stasis Towers - 9

Battleships - 13
Battlecruisers - 5
Destroyers - 5
Frigates - 8

This second room is much smaller. Kill the stasis towers before anything else to avoid a large amount of frigates spawning on you. Then finish off the rest of the room to proceed.

Second Room Ships

Stasis Towers - 2

Battleships - 8
Cruisers - 3

This final room contains the only Overseer Structure in the site. Kill the Blood Raider Fleet Stronghold to finish the site. It has a chance of dropping Dark Blood and Corpus X-Type modules, along with a 1 run Bhaalgorn BPC. Once the structure's been destroyed, you can bookmark the cargo container, drop an MTU, or finish the remaining rats altogether.

You want to MJD directly forward IMMEDIATELY after entering the room or you'll quickly find yourself neuted out, tackled, and probably dead.

The Fleet Stronghold fires missiles every 30 seconds, dealing 535,000 EM damage with the equivalent application of XL Torpedos. This equates to about 30,000 pre-resist damage volleys against a webbed-down battleship, and potentially double that if you're unlucky enough to receive a hit with your MJD on.

Third Room Ships

Blood Raider Fleet Stronghold (~300 DPS required to break)

Sentry Guns - 5
Point Defense Batteries - 3
Cruise Missile Batteries - 4
Stasis Towers - 12

Battleships - 20
Battlecruisers - 10
Cruisers - 5
Destroyers - 4
Frigates - 11

Overseer's Personal Effects

Effects Tier Approximate Value
23rd 134,000,000.00 ISK

Blueprint Copies

Ship Class Ship Size Approximate Ship Value
Bhaalgorn Battleship 630,000,000.00 ISK

Deadspace Modules

Deadspace Subset Deadspace Level Armor/Shield
Corpus X-Type Armor

Faction Modules

Faction Subset Module Size Armor/Shield
Dark Blood Battleship Armor
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