Cartel Prisoner Retention - 8/10

The Cartel Prisoner Rentention is an 8/10 DED site found in Angel Cartel Space. It escalates from Angel Hubs, and may be found as a scannable Cosmic Signature.

Just destroy all the ships in this room to proceed. These rats target paint, but should be no threat to a properly fit ship. The Watch Officer rarely drops anything of value.

First Room Ships
Watch Officer

Battleships - 2
Destroyers - 7

Again just destroy all the ships here to proceed. Also again the rats target paint but won't do any major amount of damage. The Angel Cartel Jailor doesn't drop any loot of value.

Second Room Ships
Angel Cartel Jailor

Battleships - 7
Battlecruisers - 6
Destroyers - 16

You only need to destroy and loot the Scramble Wave Generator to proceed to the next room. This room deals a decent amount of DPS but should still be no issue for a DED ship.

Third Room Ships
Angel Prisonwatch Commander

Angel Sentry Gun - 4

Battleships - 6
Battlecruisers - 5
Cruisers - 4
Destroyers - 13

This room can test the tank of a T3C but should be no issue for a Rattlesnake or Marauder. It is advisable to have a micro-jump capable ship (or Mobile Micro Jump unit) to reposition, particularly for less tanky ships. The Arch Gistii Thugs Warp Disrupt so you need to destroy them before proceeding. After that you just need to destroy the Angel Retention Facility to finish the site. This structure drops the 21st Tier Overseer Personal Effects, rarely Gist B-Type Modules, and rarely a Machariel BPC. The structure will steadily repair its shields, and if anything (including drones) is within 35-38km of it, it will web you and repair all of its armor every few seconds. This dramatically increases the DPS needed to break it.

Fourth Room Ships
Angel Retention Facility (~700 DPS to Break)
Angel Prison Warden

Sentry Towers - 4
Stasis Web Towers - 4

Battleships - 5
Battlecruisers - 9
Cruisers - 7
Destroyers - 16
Effects TierApproximate Value
21st80,000,000 ISK
Deadspace SubsetDeadspace LevelArmor/Shield
Faction SubsetModule SizeArmor/Shield
Ship ClassShip SizeApproximate Ship Value
MacharielBattleship459,000,000 ISK
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