Angel Cartel Naval Shipyard - 10/10

The Angel Cartel Naval Shipyard is a 10/10 DED site that can be found in Angel Cartel space, appearing either as a scannable combat signature or an expedition/escalation from Angel Haven or Angel Sanctum combat anomalies.

This site is unusual in that none of the NPC's in it use warp scramblers, so if you are in trouble you can simply warp out.

This room can be completely skipped if you like, just take the acceleration gate. If you don't have an MJD you'll need to kill the Stasis Towers and Cruise Missile Batteries before MWDing to the gate. The Commander Battleship rarely drops loot of any worthwhile nature. This room also has the highest DPS of any of the rooms, so do not stay still too long!

First Room Ships
Purple Particle Research Patrol

Cruise Missile Batteries - 5
Stasis Towers - 3

Battleships - 16
Battlecruisers - 2
Destroyers - 10

Kill all the ships to progress to the next room. General Hixous Puxley rarely drops any worthwhile loot.

Second Room Ships
General Hixous Puxley

Sentry Towers - 8

Battleships - 6
Battlecruisers - 12
Destroyers - 10

Kill all the ships to proceed to the next room. The Docked and Loaded Mammoth drops the 21st tier overseer effects and possible Shield Domination modules. The Supply Headman rarely drops any worthwhile loot.

Third Room Ships
Docked and Loaded Mammoth (~1,600 dps required to break)
Supply Headman 

Sentry Towers - 5
Cruise Missile Batteries - 6
Stasis Towers - 6

Battleships - 6
Battlecruisers - 7
Destroyers - 18

Kill all the ships to proceed to the next room. The Megathron under frantic repair rarely drops any worthwhile loot.

Fourth Room Ships
Megathron under frantic repair (~1,000 dps required to break)

Cruise Missile Batteries - 2
Stasis Towers - 2

Battleships - 8
Battlecruisers - 10
Destroyers - 10

The Antimatter Channeler drops the 23rd tier overseer effects (100% of the time), and has a chance to drop Gist X-Type and Shield Domination loot, along with a Machariel BPC. You only need to kill The Antimatter Channeler to complete the site.

The Antimatter Channeler deals ~12500 OMNI damage (meaning all 4 types) every 60 seconds which can land wrecking shots. If you are in a battleship your shields will likely drop to 30-40%. If you are in a T3 cruiser you may be ALPHAED -

Fifth Room Ships
The Antimatter Channeler (~650 dps required to break)

Stasis Towers - 4

Battleships - 9
Battlecruisers - 16
Destroyers - 4
Effects TierApproximate Value
23rd134,000,000 ISK
21st80,000,000 ISK
Deadspace SubsetDeadspace LevelArmor/Shield
Faction SubsetModule SizeArmor/Shield
Ship ClassShip SizeApproximate Ship Value
MacharielBattleship552,000,000 ISK
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