The Brave Dojo - Class/Q&A Recordings & Standalone Videos

This is a list of dojo class recordings. Majority of the recent recordings are all on the Brave Dojo Youtube Channel, so check there for any videos missing from this list.

Date Teacher Class
2024-06-18 Isomand Edier Tanking a Ghost Site in a Proteus
2024-06-16 Isomand Edier Blood Military Complex in an Ishtar
2024-05-16 Arknoangel Banesong PVP Skills: EWAR 101
2024-05-15 Aerer Vyvorant Brave Basics Part 1
2024-05-05 Amoni Panala Isk Guide: Capsuleer XXI Event Site Guide
2024-04-25 Harold Magnussen PVP Skills: Fast Tackle 103 Advanced Interceptors
2024-04-24 Walayden Obsidia Creating Moon Mining Grids for Safety
2024-04-14 Walayden Obsidia Multiboxing + Eve O Preview Setup
2024-03-16 Clay Robertson Safe Hauling 101
2024-03-14 Rusity Shutary Quick Tac Grid w/ Scan Probes
2024-02-11 Al Heamer Isk Guide: Intro to Eve Spreadsheets (pt 3 of 3)
2024-02-10 Al Heamer Isk Guide: Intro to Eve Spreadsheets (pt 2 of 3)
2024-02-09 Al Heamer Isk Guide: Intro to Spreadsheets pt 1
2024-02-07 Clay Robertson PVP Skills: Fast Tackle Fleet Support 101
2024-02-04 corsar Kado Pochven 101
2024-02-03 Murda Mike PVP Skills: Tackle Survival and Manual Piloting
2024-01-23 Raphael Tempest Serpentis Fleet Shipyard (10/10) with Paladin
2024-01-11 Thexppkilleer Abyssal Deadspace Overview
2024-01-08 MystiKai Beginner Guide: Sisters of EVE Epic Arc chapter 1
2024-01-06 Percy DePrey Solo Killing Serpentis Dread w/ Kronos
2024-01-03 Combus Tyan Isk Guide: Ratting Progression part 4: Golem
2024-01-01 Combus Tyan Isk Guide: Ratting Progression part 3: Gila
Date Teacher Class
2023-12-30 Combus Tyan Isk Guide: Ratting Progression part 2: Ishtar
2023-12-28 Raphael Tempest Isk Guide: Ratting Smartbombing Gursitas Rally Points
2023-12-26 Combus Tyan Isk Guide: Ratting Progression part 1: Vexor
2023-12-24 Kel Drosto Isk Guide: Blood Raider Naval Shipyard (10/10) with Widow
2023-12-23 Jordan Hager ISK Guide: Incursions 101
2023-12-23 Tyrannee Isk Guide: Planetary Industry A-Z part 3
2023-12-17 Algazel ISK Guide: Station Trading
2023-12-16 Joshi Faang PVP Guide: Combat Fleet Command
2023-12-15 Raphael Tempest Isk Guide: Winter Nexus (Null) w/ Paladin
2023-12-10 Thexppkilleer Event Guide : Winter Nexus Combat Sites Praxis
2023-12-05 Murda Mike PVP Skills: Small Gang Booshing
2023-12-01 Nater Ormand Making Dojo Video Guides
2023-10-25 MystiKai Tetrimon Network Nodes
2023-10-25 MystiKai Crimson Harvest Network Nodes
2023-10-09 Baltazar Aivo Mining 101
2023-08-25 Murda Mike PVP Skills: Logistics 101
2023-06-12 Raphael Tempest Isk Guide: Guristas 7/10 Military Op Complex w/ Rook
2023-05-31 Tyrannee Planetary Industry A-Z pt. 2
2023-04-30 Hiramuro Sokio Dojo Short: ADM Basics
2023-04-11 Murda Mike PVP Skills" First Steps for New FCs
2023-03-25 Jinx De'Caire PVP Skills: Introduction to EWAR Eve Uni Birthday Edition
2023-03-23 Arian Felou PVP Guide: Carriers
2023-03-13 Chris Eremor PVP Basics: Intro to Fleets
2023-02-21 Raphael Tempest Isk Guide: Guristas 6/10 Troop Reinvigoration Camp w/ Rook
2023-02-16 Dojo Quick Cuts Fleet Roles and Composition
2023-02-06 Nater Ormand Newbie PVP EWAR 101
2023-01-20 Murda Mike Jump Freighter Best Practices
2023-01-13 Dojo Quick Cuts How to Join a Fleet
2023-01-11 Industry Queen Sharing Intel
Date Teacher Class
2022-12-09 Shattered Armer Intro to Probing Dictors
2022-12-06 Nater Ormand Teaching Dojo Classes 101
2022-08-15 Aquasta Wormholes 201
2022-08-10 Kuzto Frelak PVP Skills Fast Tackle 'Ram Ranch'
2022-06-14 Quinn Munba Raising Your Security Status
2022-04-30 Phalanx Labarine Wormholes 101
2022-03-08 Muff1n Isk Guide: Guristas 10/10 "The Maze" w/ Tengu
2022-03-03 Harold Magnussen Carriers 101
2022-02-19 Harold Magnussen Dreadnoughts 101
2022-02-16 Clark Arbosa Isk Guide: Guristas 10/10 "The Maze" w/ EOS
2022_02-15 Ted Lebon Planetary Interaction 101
2022-02-14 Alico Guardians Gala Event Exploration
2022-01-06 Lama Dzetsu ISK Guide: Tech 3 Industry
Date Teacher Class
2021-12-17 The Hallucinator Isk Guide: Eve Mining Fleet Tool
2021-12-08 Harold Magnussen PVP Skills: Hunting 101
2021-12-07 Yelgab Xela PVP Skills: Manual Piloting 101
2021-11-27 Yelgab Xela Isk Guide: High sec 4/10 Escalations 75mi/hr
2021-11-09 Elana Damondred Isk Guide: Guristas HAM Cerberus Ratting
2021-10-28 Chere Mewster Isk Guide: Concord Rogue Analysis Beacon (CRAB) Dread
2021-10-27 SkippTekk Improving Standings with Triglavians (Hauling Must)
2021-10-27 Harold Magnussen Fast Tackle 102 Interceptors and Assault Frigates
2021-10-26 Kurai Kiba Introduction to Faction Warfare
2021-10-25 TheReverend Arnst Combat Probing
2021-10-19 SkippTekk Travelling through Nullsec Safely (Shuttle)
2021-09-27 Txema Txemez Event Low Sec Rogue Drone Sites
2021-09-14 Jinx De'Caire Using and Creating Skill Plans in Eve Online (New Feature)
2021-07-23 Zarch AlDain Overview setup for Bluetral Standings
2021-06-29 Kurai Kiba Abyssals and You : An Introduction to Abyssal Deadspace
2021-06-08 Wolfy Alexstrasza Mobile Observatories: Cloaky Camping Defense
2021-05-23 Leiv Klaus Ratting Guide: Praxis Bloodraider Havens
2021-05-23 Marius Pontmercy Nullification Changes
2021-05-17 Jinx De'Caire Industry Guide: Faction Ships
2021-05-13 Zarch AlDain Welcome To Querious - Travel (4/4)
2021-05-11 CubicMc Abyss Guide: Venture in the abyss T0
2021-05-11 Zarch AlDain Welcome To Querious - Finding good and bad systems (3/4)
2021-05-10 Faust Ellecon Equilibirum of Mankind Site Tutorial 2.0
2021-05-09 Zarch AlDain Welcome To Querious - Layout and Inhabitants (2/4)
2021-05-08 Zarch AlDain Welcome To Querious - Making Isk - (1/4)
2021-05-06 Quinn Munba Ship Types and Risk Analysis Class
2021-05-02 CubicMc Abyss Guide: Punisher T1
2021-05-01 flori1n PVP Skills: Dscan Hunting
2021-04-29 Djavak Andrard Pharolux Cyno Beacon tips
2021-04-22 Aloundra Moon Ratting Guide: Marauder Paladin Blood Raider Ratting
2021-04-20 Jinx De'Caire Planetary Interaction for Industry Changes
2021-04-20 Val Auroris Ratting Guide: Blood Raider Navy Shipyard 10/10 Paladin
2021-04-20 Elana Damondred Ratting Guide: Marauder Kronos Blood Raider ratting
2021-04-17 Muff1n Ratting Guide: Blood Raider Naval Shipyard 10/10 Typhoon
2021-04-15 Rhudak Ratting Guide: Blood Raider Naval Shipyard 10/10 Armageddon
2021-04-13 Zarch AlDain Ratting Guide: Blood Raider Ishtar Guide
2021-04-12 Harold Magnussen Probing Dictor vs Tornados
2021-03-31 Kurtisthe1st The Hunt 2021
2021-03-31 Helur Haklar T1 Frigate Guristas Hunt Outpost (Easter Event)
2021-03-31 Yvegot Ambraelle Ratting Guide Blood Raider 8/10
2021-03-29 Anakin aswalker Ratting Guide Bloodraider 6/10
2021-03-21 Djavak Andrard Querious Revelation Ratting Guide
2021-03-18 Socal Ragewolf Industry 101
2021-03-08 Brave Dojo PVP Basics - Slingshot Maneuver
2021-03-08 Jinx De'Caire Booster Production
2021-02-22 Zarch AlDain Making isk Blood Raider Ratting
2021-02-17 Zarch Aldain Entosis (Toasting), ADM, Sovereignty, and you
2021-02-16 Alonso Calip Activity Defense Multipliers Short
2021-02-15 Apollo Kingdom Dominix Angel Ratting Guide
2021-02-10 Kurtisthe1st Exploration Short - Rule Of 6
2021-02-09 Wolfy Alexstrasza NEW Clone Bay Changes
2021-02-02 Officer Black Abyssals Show & Tell
Date Teacher Class
2020-12-14 Alonso Calip Cloaky Camping
2020-12-04 Quinn Mumba Fleet Command 201
2020-12-01 Hail Sagan ESS Update and META changes
2020-11-20 Hail Sagan ESS Tactics Early Meta (Defense and Stealing)
2020-11-20 Hail Sagan ESS Basics for Ratting in Nullsec
2020-10-22 Aloundra Moon Making Isk: Ratting in the Zarmageddon
2020-10-19 Jeremy Andedare Wormhole Gas Harvesting (Ninja)
2020-10-09 Elana Damondred Tech 2 Industry Guide
2020-10-02 Bucktooth Making Isk Guide Machariel Haven Ratting
2020-10-02 Harold Magnussen Intro to Fast Tackle
2020-09-16 Fomol Grosstraktor New Abyssal Filaments Tier 0 Vexor Guide
2020-08-13 OriginalName IV Jump Planning with Dotlan
2020-08-06 Harold Magnussen Dictors 101
2020-07-23 Alexis Finch How to Get Caught by Hunters (Audio)
2020-07-22 Legacy Chonis Revelation Dread Ratting
2020-07-21 Jordan Hager Planetary Production (PI) 101
2020-07-21 Skrubs Phoenix Dread Ratting!
2020-07-21 Harold Magnussen Stealth Bombers 101
2020-07-15 Katalya Myst Tackle Class
2020-07-08 Yondu Quill War Time Industry
2020-07-08 Jellel Hakkim Entosis 101
2020-07-02 Graksan Bombing 101
2020-07-02 Harold Magnussen Deployment 101
2020-06-19 DoubleD SnakeRat Naglfar Ratting 2.0
2020-06-19 Quinn Munba Black Ops Hunting 101
2020-06-19 Tuex Panzer Jump Freighting Class
2020-06-19 Kel Drosto Activity Defense Modifiers (ADMs) Guide
2020-05-07 Avall Capsuleer Day EDENCOM battlecruiser event site guide
2020-05-04 Kel Drosto Abyssal T1 Calm Frigate Tutorial (Alpha Friendly)
2020-05-04 Harold Magnussen Intro to Electronic Warfare (E-WAR): Tech 1 Frigates
2020-04-29 Harold Magnussen Intro to Tech 1 Industry
2020-04-28 Tuex Panzer Making isk in the Market 101
2020-04-28 Tuex Panzer Making isk by Importing 101
2020-04-27 Okko Tolea Abyssal Tips and T5 Electrical Guide (Post resist changes)
2020-04-02 Broseidon How To Set Up A Tac Grid On A Moon
2020-03-13 Wyeck Tantalion How to FC 101
2020-03-12 Yahtzee Haginen Encounter Surveillance System ESS Guide
2020-03-09 Frey Drinkwater Being Brave - Interview with a Newbro
2020-03-03 Jinx De'Caire Brave Dojo - Logi 101 and Cap Chain Practice
2020-03-02 Ulrich Blutherrz Tackle 102 - Blockade Tactics (Dictors and Hictors)
2020-02-16 Master Technique Nullsec Survival 101
2020-01-25 Elitatwo Small gang PVP Class 4/6 - Kiting and Brawling
2020-01-26 Jinx De'Caire Brave Dojo - Fleet 101 and the War of Local Aggression
2020-01-26 Elitatwo Small Gang PVP Class 3/6
2020-01-25 Jinx De'Caire Brave Dojo - Tech 3 Production Industry Walkthrough
2020-01-22 Jenson Aivo and his Cats Logistics 101 or Space Healers
2020-01-16 Aquilia Concordia Intro to PVP Electronic Warfare 101
2020-01-13 Max Dawntreader Intro to Nullsec and Brave
2020-01-09 Yahtzee Haginen Ghost Site Exploration Guide
2020-01-07 Yondu Quill Planetary Production P3 to P4
2020-01-06 Katalya Myst Finding Fights in Faction Warfare - D-Scan Tutorial
2020-01-05 Katalya Myst Cloak/MWD Warp Trick - Moving Haulers Safely
2020-01-03 Wyeck Tantalion Wyeck Tantalion's Hot Wings Fleet
Date Teacher Class
2019-12-21 Sandrin Stone Cyno Placement Guide
2019-12-15 Jinx De'Caire Dread Ratting in Nullsec???
2019-11-30 Brave Dojo Birthday Stream Chaos Fleet Fun Roam
2019-11-30 Brave Dojo Birthday Stream Supercap Training
2019-11-30 Brave Dojo Birthday Stream Fleet tag along Logi Perspective UNDOCKING
2019-11-30 Brave Dojo Birthday Stream Fleet tag along Logi Setup
2019-11-30 Brave Dojo Birthday Stream Fleet tag along Logi Perspective
2019-11-30 Brave Dojo Birthday Stream Super Carrier Ratting
2019-11-30 Brave Dojo Birthday Stream Intro to Moon Mining
2019-11-30 Brave Dojo Birthday Stream Intro to Nullsec 1500
2019-11-28 Paul Hipster Malcolmson Selling Escalations with the NEW bookmark System
2019-11-10 Dojo's 6th Birthday!!!
2019-11-02 Elitatwo Solo and Small Gang PVP 2/6
2019-10-07 Sandrin Stone Making Isk Rally Point Smartbombing
2019-09-26 Four Ohm Osprey Logi Checklist Short
2019-09-26 Wang-Cavin Ewar, Damps and Maulus Short
2019-09-26 Paul Hipster Malcolmson Sansha 6/10 DED Site guide
2019-09-25 Swakhammer UI and SaraShawa Overview Setup Dojo Short
2019-09-27 Sandrin Stone Newbie Community Fits now available in the fitting tool
2019-09-25 Elitatwo Solo and Small Gang PVP 1/6
2019-09-13 Altheius Renalard Wormhole Rolling Guide
2019-08-31 Algazel Station Trading - Audio Recording
2019-08-30 Rihan Shazih Making isk with Lazy Importing
2019-08-29 Jinx De'Caire Making isk in the Blackout - Passive Shield Fit Myrmidon
2019-08-27 Sandrin Stone Keeping safe while travelling in Catch - Dojo Short
2019-08-27 Sandrin Stone Making isk in the Blackout - Angel 10/10
2019-08-25 Shattered Armer Capital Fleet Training
2019-08-17 Rihan Shazih Blackout Hunting 101
2019-08-03 Jellel Hakkim Trolltoasting 101
2019-07-13 Brave Hole Divers - Special Interest Group
2019-07-07 Sandrin Stone T3 Gamma Abyssal Vexor Navy Issue
2019-07-05 Four Ohm Logistics 101
2019-07-04 Four Ohm Fleet Command 101
2019-07-03 Four Ohm EWAR 101
2019-07-02 Four Ohm Abyssal T5 Electrical Gila Run
2019-07-01 Four Ohm Making Isk in Eve Online - Carrier Ratting
2019-06-29 Rihan Shazih Eve Market Watch
2019-06-29 Four Ohm Fleet Osprey Reminders - Dojo Short
2019-06-19 Four Ohm T4 Exotic Abyssal Gila Run - Four Ohm
2019-06-18 Fomol Grosstraktor T1 Frigate Abyssal Worm Fit
2019-06-17 Shattered Armer Probing Interdictors (Long!)
2019-06-17 Four Ohm Making isk in Eve Online - Abyssal 101
2019-06-17 Stath Vaille How Newbros can help Rorq Saves
2019-06-17 Helix Zen T1 Dark Abyssal Cerberus
2019-06-17 Lorzonic Orti T2 Q and A - T2 Manufacturing 7 of 7
2019-06-16 Lorzonic Orti Triglavian T2 - T2 Manufacturing 6 of 7
2019-06-15 Lorzonic Orti Invention - T2 Manufacturing 5 of 7
2019-06-13 Lorzonic Orti T2 component Manufacturing -T2 Manufacturing 3 of 7
2019-06-14 Lorzonic Orti Unrefined Reactions - T2 Manufacturing 4 of 7
2019-06-12 Lorzonic Orti Reactions - T2 Production 2 of 7
2019-06-12 Lorzonic Orti Moon Mining - T2 Production 1 of 7
2019-06-01 Nistam Kanjus Dojo Short - for Navigation
2019-05-10 Dylan jhafgrlb T1 Exotic Calm - Abyssal Vexor
2019-05-05 Fomol Grosstraktor Making Isk In Eve Online - Abyssal space T1 Calm Caracal
2019-05-04 Wang Cavin-Guang Making isk in Eve Online - Dominix Ratting
2019-05-03 Four Ohm Making isk in Eve Online - Planetary Production 101
2019-05-02 Four Ohm Logi 101
2019-05-01 Four Ohm Bombing 101
2019-05-01 Four Ohm Making Isk in Eve Online - Ratting 101
2019-04-06 Stath Vaille Interdictors and Bubbles 101
2019-03-27 Stath Vaille Cormorant Fleet Commander Class
2019-03-26 Stath Vaille Combat Probing 101
2019-03-25 Jinx De'Caire Wormhole Jedi Huffing Short
2019-03-23 Akage Kotetsu Weapon Systems 101
2019-03-22 Indybro/Wang Cavin-Guang Offensive Entosis 101
2019-03-19 Cdiddy Orti Planetary Production Guide
2019-03-13 Alexis Finch Ratting Callout Channel Ettiquete
2019-03-23 Stath Vaille DOJO Rorqual Save 101
2019-03-07 Hoshi Fleet Links and Command Burst Class
2019-03-05 Demoshi Operating an athanor for Moon Mining Short
2019-03-01 Four Ohm Logistics 101
2019-02-28 Stath Vaille Introduction to Fleet Command
2019-02-23 Fomol Grosstraktor Voltron Logi 101 and Cap Chain Practice
2019-02-17 Four Ohm Sansha 10/10 Escalation Rattlesnake Guide
2019-02-17 Paul Hipster Malcomson Ansiblex Jump Gates Short
2019-02-17 Baller Tom Baller Tom Booshing Master Class
2019-02-09 YeuxVerts Belle T2 Manufacturing Audio Recording
2019-02-09 Four Ohm Fleet 101 and Ratting 101
2019-02-09 Four Ohm Bombing 101 Short
2019-02-08 Nistam Kanjus PLEX, Jump clones to highsec, and Jita Alts 101
2019-02-07 Max Dawntreader Importing 101 Short
2019-02-07 Manks Crendraven Wormhole Ninja Gas Huffing
2019-02-04 Carl en Perkins Making Isk in Eve Online
2019-02-04 Carl en Perkins Intro to nullsec
2019-01-13 Victor Atusid Fleet 101 Long Edition
Date Teacher Class
2018-12-30 Jinx De'Caire Combat Boosters 101
2018-12-09 Akage Kotetsu Advanced Overview Management - Audio
2018-11-30 Jin-Ayn Yorai T1 & T2 Rig Production - Industry Guide
2018-11-30 Atom Deathstroke Pyfa Class and Guide - Eve Online tool
2018-11-29 Atocil Boite Intro to Nullsec and Fleet 101 Audio
2018-11-17 Shattered Armer and Liana Drake Intro to Carriers - Audio Recording
2018-11-15 Jinx De'Caire Fleet 101 Class
2018-11-03 John LaCroix C13 Wormhole Confessor Ratting Guide
2018-10-31 Indybro Industry 101
2018-10-06 Stath Vaille EWAR 101
2018-10-06 Nistam Kanjus Intro to Nullsec
2018-09-23 Jinx D'ojo Fleet 101 and Coalition Staging
2018-09-23 John LaCroix MTU Hunting Guide
2018-09-21 Paul Hipster Malcolmson Rogue Swarm Event Guide
2018-09-19 John LaCroix Fleet Broadcasts
2018-09-19 Paul Hipster Malcolmson Isk Guide - Selling Escalations
2018-09-13 Jinx D'ojo How to take a titan bridge
2018-09-12 Jinx De'Caire Overheating 101
2018-09-08 Rihan Shazih Wormhole class
2018-09-06 Koffee Break Brave Indy Roundtable
2018-09-03 Yukiko Kami Intro to Logistics
2018-08-27 Max Dawntreader Importing 101
2018-08-21 Meha Taredi Dojo free heron exploration ship tutorial
2018-08-21 Koffee Break Pathfinder class, exploration tool
2018-08-20 Jinx De'Caire Intro to null and making isk gas huffing edition
2018-08-19 Jinx De'Caire Logistics cap transfer class
2018-08-14 Jinx De'Caire Intro to Armada and sov
2018-08-09 Jinx Intro to nullsec
2018-07-12 Clay Robertson Black Ops Hunting
2018-07-01 Djavak Andrard Proper Intel and Comms Etiquette
2018-06-25 Jinx De'Caire Fleet Basics 101 and Coalition Staging
2018-06-23 Liana Drake Roquals 101
2018-06-19 Spyritdragon Jumpclones intro
2018-06-07 Bobby Booche Abyssal Tier 1 - 3 Q and A
2018-06-10 Ariadne Invictus Fitting interceptors and avoiding gate camps
2018-06-05 Jinx De'Caire Intro to Logi and Cap Chain Practice
2018-06-02 Vargrin Tackle and Scouting
2018-05-24 Jinx De'Caire Isk Making: WH Ninja Huffing
2018-05-24 Jinx De'Caire EWAR 101 video
2018-05-19 John LaCroix VNE Ratting Guide during Deployment
2018-05-16 Jinx De'Caire Intro to Nullsec Deployment edition video
2018-05-15 CptHector Moon Mining 101
2018-05-09 Vaur Infara Entosis 101
2018-05-07 Jinx De'caire Intro to Fleet 101
2018-04-16 Ishido Kindesai Exploration Techniques for ISK
2018-04-12 Stath Vaille FC Class
2018-03-25 Jinx De'Caire Intro to Nullsec (short) and Getting Involved
2018-03-17 Gravan Heg Planetary Interaction I
2018-03-10 Harold Magnussen Intro to Nullsec - Basics of PVP and a Gatecamp!
2018-03-09 Kirk Ernaga First Fleet Basics - Tackle and Ewar Focus
2018-02-24 CJ Mansfield Intro to Caps
2018-02-23 Yeuxverts Belle Fitting 101
2018-02-18 Mathew Schwartz Advanced Ratting - DED Sites
2018-02-13 Aernir Ridley FC my rorq is tackled what do? Video
2018-02-10 Sun-Li Sakamoto Intro to Gas Huffing and why your mother told you not to
2018-02-07 Card Bross Logistics Anchoring and You
2018-02-03 Bisness Pirates et. al Intro to Brave FC class and getting involved
2018-01-28 Jinx De'caire Intro to Nullsec
2018-01-26 Yondu Quill VNI Ratting Class
2018-01-18 Gravan Heg Markets I
2018-01-18 Gravan Heg Industry I
2018-01-04 Jinx De'Caire Making isk in null: Moon mining Link fixed!
Date Teacher Class
2017-12-28 Card Bross Intro to Logistics: Strat Op Logi
2017-12-26 Chekman T2 Industry
2017-12-21 Yuri Penshar Scouting 101
2017-12-21 Wang Calvin-Guang T1/T2 Manufacturing and Importing/Market
2017-12-18 Card Bross Newbro's Guide to Fleet Ops
2017-09-10 Algazel Wormhole Basics
2017-10-09 Cdiddy Orti Exploration
2017-08-29 Wang Cavin-Guang Importing and Manufacturing Class ( useful links)
2017-07-15 Suleiman Shouaa Small Gang and Tournament
2017-07-06 Algazel Algazel's Trading Masterclass
2017-05-31 Jonathan Ajani Brave Dojo hunting in wormholes
2017-05-20 Jin'taan Fleet Command
2017-04-27 Bungo Brown PSC Ceptor Class
2017-04-27 Katalya Myst Interdiction 101
2017-04-24 Rurounitoto Solette Market and Importing 101: Soundcloud
2017-04-02 Canon DeFodder Scouting: Soundcloud
2017-01-04 Rose Darksun Intro to Exploration: Soundcloud , Video
2017-03-13 LSky NLX Zansha Expansion History and Advanced Industry: Soundcloud
2017-01-03 Katalya Myst EWAR 101: Soundcloud Video
2016-06-28 Jonathan Ajani Tackle Class
2016-06-20 Jonathan Ajani Importing 101 Class
2016-06-18 Katalya Myst Introduction to Industry (building stuff)
2016-05-07 Ralend Oskold Introduction to Planetary Interaction
2016-01-31 Clay Robertson How to FC Stealth Bombers Screenshots
2015-08-21 LSky NLX Advanced Station Trading
2015-08-09 Dave Korhal 20Mil to 1Bil: Making ISK in LowSec
2015-07-23 Patrick Tyrannis Market Trading:
2015-06-30 Cordelia Clopton Recon 101: Soundcloud MP3 / Slides
2015-05-29 Adam Algaert Moon Siphoning Class *defunct class*
2015-04-27 Raknor Vile DOJO FC Q And A
2015-04-27 Tiberius StarGazer Making ISK Through Exploration 101
2015-04-06 Clay Robertson Stealth Bombers 101
2015-04-24 Dysheki Station Trading 101
2015-04-05 Posix Compliant Station Trading
2015-02-02 LSky NLX Importing 101
2015-01-20 Blue Ice T3 Off-grid Boosting (Mechanic Removed from Eve)
Date Teacher Topic
2016-01-13 Ahoda Amatin, Frek AvichkLogi
2016-01-14 Ahoda Amatin, Hadrian BridgemanNull Sec
2016-01-16 n0rmanLogistics, Hauling
2016-01-16 Charlie DimaggioMarkets/Trading
2018-05-12 Yukiko Kami Brave CEO Chat about History

Master Class Monday was an irregular series of guest talks by EVE Online personalities from outside Brave/HERO.

Date Streaming Download Teacher Topic
2014-11-11 - Download Bcpror9981 Caps, Phoebe and Blops
2014-09-22 Soundcloud Download Ealon Musque Capital construction
2014-08-11 - Download Chribba A talk about being, well, Chribba
2014-07-28 Download Not Available Mister Vee (CFC) A talk about FCing (some videos)
2014-07-21 - Download Not Available Reagalan(CFC) Fitting and doctrines
2014-07-06 Youtube Download Not Available Bcpror9981 Covops, Blops, And everything Cloaky.
2014-07-06 - Download NickFuzzeh (Pandemic Legion)
2014-06-23 Download Sindel Pellion The Angel Project
2014-06-16 - Download Not Available Rixx Javix
2014-06-09 Download Elise Randolph (Pandemic Legion FC, CSM6+7, tournament commentator) FC'ing
2014-06-03 Download Not Available Psychotic Monk Scamming, awoxing, and dirty deeds - how to do them and how to avoid them.
2014-06-02 Download Tubrug1 (writer and commentator for the TMC).Brief history of Eve Online and null-sec politics since 2011.
2014-05-26 - Corbexx (CSM-9) Wormholes.
2014-05-19 No recording Rooks and Kings Starting the Battle of Asakai, and indirectly, Founding Brave.
2014-05-12 Download Not Available The Mittani (Leader of the Goonswarm Federation and Master of the CFC) The Meta-Game.
2016-08-13 Slides Vily (Main FC Test - Please Ignore Alliance) Alpha Fleet (Maelstroms done right)
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