Yalaan-Timirgor Conglomerate

The stars are like beacons of wealth, adventure and peril for those who aren't used to the neverending depths of the Universe.

Welcome the Yalaan-Timirgor Conglomerate, a corporation founded for exactly those things.

Read more about the corp on https://www.threemoons.space/.

Internal Resources

  • Yalaan-Timirgor Conglomerate currently does not have any internal resources.

External Resources

Name Position Contact
Stellan Crendraven CEO

Use the in-game channel YLTGR Public to chat with current members and members of the corp's leadership.

You can also join the Corp's Discord server at https://discord.gg/cHjuTYp and do the same.

If you desire to join YLTGR, please submit an application in-game to the corporation and alongside register an account on the corp website, add the characters you want to apply to YLTGR to your account using your EVE Online login credentials and fill the application form found under Apply to join!.

Join YLTGR YLTGR Discord

Once your application has been submitted in game and on the website, a recruiter will review it and likely try to schedule an interview on the Corp's discord with either voice or text.

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