Chase your desires, from intense battles to mastering industry. No matter what your skill level, or interest is. You'll grow, make friends, and fuel your personal passions. Join a welcoming family of capsuleers. Together we'll create an unforgettable story across New Eden.

⌖ Experience nullsec 0.0 SOV

⌖ Thrive in a vast alliance

⌖ Querious region

⌖ Highsec Alt Corp availability

⌖ Buyback & Hauling Services

⌖ Access training programs

⌖ Indulge in industry and mining activities

⌖ Engage in PVE and PVP operations

⌖ Flourish within a friendly community

⌖ Casual Corporation, Nothing Mandatory


Name Role Contact
Gretchen CEO @Gretchen (Slack) / In Game
Sargent Thresher Director @Sargent Thresher (Slack) / In Game

What's your fun per hour?! Experience boundless adventures, camaraderie within a vast alliance, 0.0 sovereignty, Industrial, mining gatherings, and heart-pounding PVP opportunities. Join our In-Game Channel RGNCY to speak with a recruiter, or click a button below and lets get you started on a new adventure.

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