The 1st Regiment

The 1st Regiment is a hungarian nationality socialist military-industrial corp, operating in 0.0 space since 2010.06.07.

We mainly identify ourselves as pioneers and soldiers both at the same time. Many of our members have industrial interests. We generally do mining, manufacturing (both t1 and t2) and planetary interaction to diversify our incomes, while every member is required to participate in pvp activity.

The corp was initially created to be a part of Hun Reloaded for a fresh generation of pilots back in 2010. We have come a long way since then living as nomads during all these years. During the summer of 2016 after long years struggling past its days of glory Hun Reloaded effectively disbanded. Thus the 1st Regiment needed a new home. Nowdays we are one of the few living 0.0 hungarian corporation left, and almost one of the oldest of those remaining. We run a socialist system where everyone works for the corp, and the corp provides for everyone."

  • The 1st Regiment currently does not have any internal resources.

Name Position Contact
Kaoraku Shayiskhun CEO
Seriallkillah Director, 2IC
Eldkim Talie-Kuo Director, Recruitment
HunHawk IT Director
Mayusz Recruitment

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