Splintered Dreams

  Born from the ashes of our pasts, we coalesced into the lean mean fighting machine composed from all of our splintered dreams.

Splintered Dreams or SP.DR (pronounced spider) is a small, tight knit PVP focused corporation. We have pilots that enjoy all aspects of EvE - including industry, ratting, exploration, abyssal sites, or really anything that strikes our fancy. Our true joy, however, comes from blowing stuff up, be it ourselves in glorious balls of fire or our enemies, whatever comes first, as long as we have fun doing it. Our members have a broad range of experience - from former MilDir and FC’s to PvE "Specialists" - and have been around most of New Eden through our years in the game.

Why are we the correct fit for you? Do you enjoy PvP? Do you like to blow stuff up? Do you like hanging out on comms with other nerds who also like shooting stuff? Do you have an omega account and a working microphone? If so, drop into our public channel to come hang out and we’ll see whether we work for eachother.

We're primarily US TZ but have had the odd EU and AU TZ players around, and as members of Brave there’s always some people around to chat with in the Alliance comms even if you’re on at a weird time.

"Cute and Cuddly, Boys. Cute and Cuddly."– Locke Beulve, always.

Name Position Contact
Locke Beulve CEO @Locke Beulve
Myst Ernaga Director @Myst
M'ea Fallenstar Director @M'ea Fallenstar

Contact us through our Discord or In-Game channel (SP.DR Public) and have a chat.

SP.DR Discord

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