The gnarliest, fightiest capsuleers in all of New Eden! If we can't sleep, then we'll make sure no one else does either!

Our wonderful propaganda - **Volume warning, I cannot stress enough** We’re Sleep Deprivation Service - a new-player friendly corporation with a heavy emphasis on not sleeping. Our goal is to be a place where both new and veteran players can improve and learn in an environment that is never short on content. Whether it’s your ship or your enemy’s, we’ll make sure something blows up.

We are a Combat engineering corp meaning we build stuff then go out and get it blown up while filling our wallets! We are involved in almost every aspect/profession in the game, so regardless of which area interests you, there is a spot for with us.

We also pride ourselves on being a community rather than only a corp if you wish to join in, playing other games as well whilst we wait for the next big brawl or small roam. We look after each other, getting involved and helping each other grow and have fun, both experienced veteran to the newbro who has signed in for the first time.

Want to mine or explore? We offer corp buyback!
Want to rat and run sites? We have great quality krabbing space!
Want to PvP? We have regular fleets going out to blow stuff up!

In game channel: SDS Recruiting

Name Role Contact
Asvard666 CEO @Asvard666 (Slack) / In Game
Takeshi Fujiwara Director @Takeshi Fujiwara (Slack) / In Game
Reason Takis Director of Recruitment @Reason Takis (Slack) / In Game
Exidius VIsteen Director of Industry @Exidius Vlsteen (Slack) / In Game

If we sound like your cup of tea then come join our
in-game channel SDS Recruiting and have a chat
with one of our recruiters!

Requirements for Joining
  • 2 million skill points
  • 2 weeks old character minimum
  • English speaking
  • A suitably irregular sleep schedule
  • A desire to have fun and make some friends
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