Pipebomb Pinata

We're a bunch of peeps that like to hang out and shoot stuff. The corp has a laid back atmosphere and a generally mature sense of humour without trying to be edge lords.

There's a mix of play styles, we have some indy bros, some pvp focused players, but everyone does a bit of a mix as things are needed.

One philosophy that I've always tried to maintain and push is that teamwork and learning improves the situation for everyone. That idea has become a core part of how the corp and it's members operate.

Name Position Contact
Raeph Mikakka CEO In-game mail or Raeph#2123 on discord

If you have 5m SP and you're driven to find solutions to problems instead of complaining about them until someone else fixes them, then you can apply to us by either joining our discord via our auth, linked earlier, or join the in-game channel "PBP Recruitment" and have a chat with a recruiter.

Join PBP's Discord

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