Kill Them With Kindness

We are a small but growing Faction Warfare (FW) Corp, participating in the Caldari/Gallente Faction War.

The Corp is made up of pvp/isk oriented individuals and Faction Warfare is a means to an end for most of us. The mechanics of FW make it a very accessible and reliable source of PVP in EVE. Most of us joined specifically to gain PvP experience in a structured way (and to try something new) while remaining in the fold of BRAVE.

Internal Resources

  • Kill Them With Kindness currently does not have any internal resources.

External Resources

  • The Atron is Awesome!
    FW is played with any size of ship. In the FW Zones you have deadspace areas assigned to FW called plexes which you must capture (offensive plexing) or defend (defensive plexing). There are various sizes of plex which allow only certain types of ship into them. Novice (T1 and Faction frigates), Small (Frigates, Destroyers), Medium (Frigates, Destroyers, Cruisers), Large (Unrestricted). This is great cos, depending on the plex, you know you’ll have a fight that's roughly on par with your level.
  • Read up on Faction Warfare This is a good link to read.
    Solo/Small gang warfare is what you can expect but you also get to participate on larger militia fleets if you like and there’s good ISK to be made if you work your loyalty points correctly.

Name Position Contact
Solomon Phi CEO Google Hangouts +SolomonPhi
In game convo/mail

Pop into our public channelKill Them With Kindness” and follow the instructions or chat to any of us you see in there.

Any and all skill levels are encouraged to join us. AU/EU/US TZ players wanted.

If you're feeling like you're not making enough isk, if you wanna learn how to PvP because you just can't seem to get that kill or survive in a fight then we’re then KTWK is for you. Getting paid to PvP is one of the best features of EVE and if you wanna learn.. APPLY TODAY!!!

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