I Want to Hear You Scream

In space no one can hear you scream, but we would love to.

IWHYS is a pvp-focused corp, whose member prides themselfs in making other players scream by going the additional mile of whatever it takes: bringing the extra alt or putting in the extra effort. We are a dedicated tight knit group of players.

Because our players bring so much into the game/corp our corp is able to give back a lot. Most of our corp projects for industry or Pve resolve around the war between Edencom and Triglavians. In all of these projects we could use another pair of hands. We do not choose a site, we shoot both, depending on pay and mood of the day. This involves corp and alliance pochven fleets.

The same principle of going the additional mile on pvp is the exact same on people, who join us and are new to the game. We expect more from them than the ordinary newbro corp, but we give them back more. We dont believe setting somebody in front a thousand word guide to sort himself out is really helping him. We want to take time with our newbies and teach them the game 1 on 1 with proper interaction between players. But dont worry we have the thousand word guides too. Additionally we have a extensive isk incentive programm to help people progress faster in the game and become a full member of our Corp.

Name Position Contact
Dyxakser en Thielles CEO @Dyxakser en Thielles

Join our public Discord and ping one of the Dirs. We dont have hard prerequirments, but we do have trials

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