Galloglas is apart of the Brave Collective Alliance. We prefer the lawlessness of Nullsec, and we offer new and old players alike a brotherhood and family to get into, as well as a way for established veterans to operate freely in Brave Space while still retaining access to all of the HighSec space and services you've come to enjoy. We are very focused on PvP and with the changes occurring daily within the game of eve we are expanding all avenues of our gameplay style and looking for people to join in on the action.

Other benefits of joining Galloglas:

  • Open End Gameplay (Enoying the game as you see fit.)
  • Unrestricted access to Brave nullsec space - a hungry market for your industry output!
  • Moon mining!
  • Buyback programs for your loot!
  • A Leadership Team that gives you answers and help to your learning experiences.

We are new and old player focused, and seek to offer a broad introduction to all of Eve and hope to fly with you soon.

Name Position Contact
Tor Manx CEO Slack: Tor Manx
Discord: Manx#4691
Whoofe Director Discord: Whoofe#2542
BloodyFolsom Copenhagen Division Leads Discord: BloodyFolsom Copenhagen#5103
Bruno Byrdburn Division Leads Discord: Bruno Byrdburn Stevemachetesquad#1294

Hit the button below for instructions on how to join!

Join Galloglas

Galloglas utilizes Discord, Mumble, and Slack for voice and text communications. It is HIGHLY recommended you set up both Discord and Mumble. Make sure you join the Discord apon applying to corp.

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