Fatalix Industries (FXIN)

Originally founded in 2006, Fatalix has a long history of activity throughout New Eden. While our identity has changed over the years, we've always remained a group who focused on making sure the game was fun, and maintaining a positive atmosphere. We take the game seriously while not letting it get in the way of real life.

Our members engage in all manner of activities, and we're always eager to help people who are interested in trying something new.

Fatalix Industries strives to make sure our members have access to all of the resources they need to be successful.

  • Mining Opportunities and Support
  • Corp Buyback Program (Custom tool which includes both Jita and Perimeter buy orders for pricing)
  • Access to the corp's extensive BPO library
  • PVE Help and advice
  • Great opportunities for PI and other industrial activities
  • Corp PVP Fleets
  • A Helpful Group to Ask and Learn!
Name Position
Keith Yelnick2 CEO
Mada Blake 2IC
Ysier Orlenard Recruiter

Follow all of the steps listed on the Fatalix Industries Wiki if you're interested in applying.

Join Fatalix Industries.

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