Everything For Efficiency

Hello Pilots o7,

Everything for Efficiency is a corp run by two experienced FC's, we live in nullsec, in the Brave Collective alliance. We want to grow and teach newer players and veteran players knowledge of the game and the PVP/PVE aspect of the game.

What we offer as a corp: We are run by 2 Experienced FC's that have been playing the game a long time between us.

We have Great Sov with great prospects for isk making.

PVP content daily (Corp/Alliance)

PVE/Industry Content

Alot of knowledge about the game we can pass down.

1 on 1 Mentoring to help you learn and start to feel comfortable in the game.

Newbro friendly

Trying to give people a home in EVE

Name Position Contact
Elias Rampart Rampart CEO @Elias Rampart Rampart (Slack) / Ingame
jin Lee1 CEO @jin Lee1 (Slack) / Ingame
Gresser Director/Indy Lead @Gresser (Slack) / Ingame

External recruitment is OPEN. External recruitment requires a clean history (ie no "enemy" corps) with good time in each (not 1 month here, 2 weeks there).

The following are required:

  • Download Mumble for Comms
  • Willing to train doctrines
  • Active Killboard or proven activity in fleets
  • Be active in the corp, we are building a family.

The following are recommended:

  • Omega Clone (Not required, but to get best experience with the game, you will want this)
  • Want to learn how to PVP

If you don't meet those requirements but feel like you might still be good fit, send Elias Rampart Rampart or jin Lee1 a message in game or on Slack.

If you meet those requirements, head on over to the and send in your application!

In game chat: EFE-X Pub

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