Dutch East Querious Company

DEQC was the founding member of both Phoebe Freeport Federation (PFR) and Asteria Concord. (ACORD). With a long history DEQC has endured to most recently join the Brave Collective (BRAVE) in an effort to seek out new friends and PVP content. We are actively recruiting new players of all skill levels even though the majority of us are higher skilled players. If your looking for a medium size corporation and a small gang PVP experience.

As a corporation, first and foremost we PvP. During downtime between fleets your free to do whatever you like.

We just have one rule, EVERYBODY FIGHTS!

  • "Point!, Scram!" Vargrin
  • "Bin wine, best wine!" Darkworlds Shaishi 2019
  • "I am ze wine krab" – Narka Utama 2017
  • "I WANNA SHOOT SOMEONE REEEE"– Degarion Soth, 2019
  • Zeigfried Cobb, World's Greatest Sex Machine, 2016

External Resources

Name Position
Lugaratz Rayl CEO / USTZ Diplo
Daniel Redgrove Director / EUTZ Diplo
AlmafuerteUK Business Cat

Come and talk to us on comms and get to know the gang. We don't have a minimum skill requirement, the only thing we ask for is a good attitude and willingness to PvP.

We also have a boring in-game chat channel "Join DEQC" if you don't like to talk on comms.