Danger Zone.

Danger Zone at its core is a mix of experienced FCs, veteran Eve players and relatively new players who just want to have fun and blow up spaceships together. We enjoy all types of gameplay, including large scale pvp, small scale pvp, and industry. As a corp, we want to put our members in the best possible position to enjoy their time in-game. This often means: 1) corp roams and training fleets, 2) stocked ships and assets for corp members use, 3) corp indy projects and mining ops focused on getting our members into supercapital ships. We operate mostly in eu/us time zones and are English speaking. We also have a small Spanish speaking community within our corp.

We don't currently have any internal resources.

Name Position Contact
Frederic Barbarossa CEO @Fred#7526 (Discord) / Ingame
ContractKiller0211 Director @CK aka ContractKiller0211#8564 (Discord) / Ingame
Hearnoevil Director @Hearnoevil#4501 (Discord) / Ingame

How to join Danger Zone? Simply reach out to the above people through our Discord (recommended) or in-game!

Ride into the Danger Zone

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