Council Of Exiles was formed out of the want to give new pilots to EVE Online the chance to begin their stories with a community that wanted them to succeed. We're committed to helping new pilots find their place in EVE by providing knowledge, infrastructure, growth opportunities and comradery amongst likeminded pilots. We also provide a stable home for many veteran pilots who enjoy teaching and helping the next generation of pilots into EVE\'s third decade.

Helping you find your way in New Eden

  • Boosted ore, ice, and moon mining fleets
  • Expansive BPO Library + Industrial structure hub
  • Free starter ship packages for new players
  • Buyback program ( Coming Soon )
  • Skill plans, fittings and guidance for varieties of playstyles
  • Goal-oriented and tight knit family community with an IRL first mentality
  • Active Discord server/Mumble/Slack
  • No skill requirements! No expectations! Play your way!

CoE Seat

Name Role Contact
Blade Reiper CEO @Blade Reiper (Slack) / In Game
Azakir Nalda Director @Azakir Nalda (Slack) / In Game

If you wish to join us in teaching and growing the next generation of EVE players, Join our Discord or stop by our Public Channel in game channel, Council Of Exiles and speak with any of our recruiters to learn more!

Join CoE Discord

Join Council of Exiles.

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