C5 Flight

C5 Flight is a Corp that considers itself "miners with teeth." We are a family of bittervets and newbros alike who love to help pilots find their perfect fit playstyle within EVE Online. Or as one of our members has said, "We are Sara's merry band of A-holes!" We dont shy away from fun or from work and are always ready and willing to lend a hand when needed!




Name Position Contact
Saragossa CEO @Saragossa on Slack
Alezandros Stormrage Director @Alezandros Stormrage on Slack
Badad Director In-game Convo/Evemail
HOBOCLOWN KADO Director In-game Convo/Evemail
Jake Anthony Director @Jake Anthony on Slack
Ghostedmind Minayin Director @Ghostedmind Minayin on Slack
Teraeyes Director @Teraeyes on Slack

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