Brave Empire Free BPC Program

The ruling cabal of Brave Empire has determined that the alliance would benefit from a limited stock of freely available collection of BPCs to encourage burgeoning industrialist and seed the market. The days of being trickled upon by elitist industrialists is over, rejoice!

This program has some basic rules you have to follow:

  • The program is only available to the alliance.
  • Limited to 10 BPCs per request.
  • Requests for multiple of the same BPC is at the discretion of the BPC manager.
  • Only the BPCs on the list can be requested.
  • Please only have one request active at a time
    This is per person NOT per character
  • The program operates only from Brave Empire Research Facility in Riavayed
  1. Go to this link and fill out the form HERE
  2. BPCs will be contracted to you in Brave Empire Research Facility within 48 hours or so.

BPCs generally come fully researched. The number of runs per BPC has yet to be determined as we spool up the program but will be standardized shortly. In the meantime please indicate the desired number of runs, if any, for your BPC request so we can gauge demand and ensure you have what you need.

Full BPC List

You ask for a BPC that's not on the list (see below) or is currently out of stock.

You ask for all of the BPCs at once

Other Blueprint Services

Brave Empire members can also use the Brave Collective's Alliance BPC Program. Please note however that any orders via the Alliance program, and not Empire's satellite program, will be delivered in Brave's Querious staging system of P-ZMZV (Null Sec).

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