Avior Resources

Avior Resources is a small familiar corporation. The Corporation counts some fossils from 2007 or before and some younger pilots within our ranks.

After some of us fought on the war between Band of Brothers -vs- Goons, me and Hordes finally grounded a Corporation of which AVRES is the result. AVRES wasn't the first we created but the result of some tries before to find a way that suits to us.

We have seen wars come and go, seen Alliances come and go. We fought and supported The Watchmen and after it was disbanded Warped Intentions, in the fight against Goonswarm Federation. Primary in the first stages of the war, where the industrial grounds were full operational we have build many ships from small to big. I bet many went to dust as well.

After the big retreat, Warped Intentions got disbanded as well (remains a sleeping Giant) and we joined up Brave in a new future. Where it go to? It's written between the stars.

Beside our Industrial capacity, including a various size of BPO's, we are able to show some milk teeth. We are not afraid to break those as they will grow and be sharpen again.

We always willing to help following industrialist, with resources, BPC's or what else is needed. As long it's in range of our power.

If you can find yourself in a role to build a strong environment, able to count your interests away, AVRES can be a home for you.

Name Position Contact
Industry Queen CEO @Industry Queen on Slack

There is a reason we are a small corporation. Curious and want to join? Join up in the public channel in game, have a chat.

We are mainly EUTZ but due work some have some strange EU times to play. Maybe due the location they are when they log into the game. But within the Alliance there is plenty to chat, if you want to.

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