0nly Pixels

BRAVE Collective is undoubtedly one of the greatest alliance cultures in EVE Online. We are somehow a large alliance with many resources occupying desirable space with desirable allies, and still incredibly friendly towards new players and experienced players alike.

When you join 0nly Pixels, you get to experience all BRAVE has to offer (Dojo program, moon mining, epic fleets, alliance SRP, and more). You also get to be a part of our 0nly Pixels family, and experience the close-knit corp culture that can be difficult to find in a large alliance.

Whether you're old or new, or even already in BRAVE, we invite you to join us and be BRAVE.

0nly Pixels focuses on industrial activities. We would LOVE to speak to you. Join the in-game channel "PLEX-" and have a chat!

  • Please see the Brave Dojo if you would like to learn more about EVE and Dojo programs!

Name Position Contact
Omaris Chark Director & Recruiter (General Wizard) Omaris Chark on Slack
Matmos Prime CEO Matmos Prime in game

Join the in-game channel "PLEX-" and chat with us! If we're not there, drop a recruiter an eve-mail.

Once you have talked to us, follow the directions below to apply.


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