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Positions Open

This page lists all currently open positions within the administrative departments of the Brave Collective alliance. These are non-leadership positions, but allow motivated players to contribute their time and effort to helping keep the alliance running smoothly.

If you are interested in applying for any position, please get in touch with the person indicated in the relevant listing. Note that the 'Trust level' indicated for each role is a yardstick for how likely you are to be successful in applying; if you are a Day 1 newbro, you are unlikely to land a job that involves access to large amounts of ISK or sensitive alliance intel.

Alliance Accountant

Responsibilities: Ensuring financial security.

Apply to: Applications Closed, POSITION FILLED

Trust level: Extreme

Events Manager

Responsibilities: Develop a team for events, manage team of events minions, liaise with other departments for needs.

Apply to: Applications Closed, POSITION FILLED

Trust level: High

Events Minion

Responsibilities: Promote, run, and manage events; organize prize handouts.

Apply to: Events Manager

Trust level: Medium

Security Personnel

Responsibilities: API checks, spyhunting.

Apply to: Cagali Cagali

Trust level: Extreme

Ship Hangar Manager

Responsibilities: Ensuring FC hangars are stocked with free handout ships, contracts are appropriately stocked, identifies and works to fill market holes for upcoming fleets, works with local manufacturers and industrialists, works on offensive logistics when needed, tracks activity through spreadsheets.

Apply to: TBD

Trust level: High

SRP Manager

Responsibilities: Reviewing and paying out SRP requests, compile SRP reports.

Apply to: TBD

Trust level: Medium/High


Responsibilities: Assist Military Director with day-to-day jobs, manages fleet calendar, keeps track of and helps push programs and initiatives, manages other admin staff and workload.

Apply to: Applications Closed, POSITION FILLED

Trust level: High/Extreme

Class Teachers

Responsibilities: Organize and teach classes to new players on any in-game mechanic, ship class, or other aspect of EVE.

Apply to: No Application required. Please discuss your plans in the #dojo channel on Slack. Dojo can supply your class with free ships if necessary.

Trust level: Low

War Correspondent Coordinator

Responsibilities: Organizing the creation and posting of interesting content around the various services (Forum, reddit,

Apply to: Cagali Cagali

Trust level: Low

BPC Program Managers

Responsibilities: Take in BPC donations, research BPOs, distribute BPCs.

Apply to: Jinx De'Caire

AUTZ ADM Data Capturer

Responsibilities: Record ADM data near down-time

Project temporarily suspended

Apply to: Jana Halley

Market Watch

Responsibilities: Create quick views for market health

Apply to: Dunk Dinkle

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