Our primary goal is to offer a cheap and fast transport service.
We offer JF service throughout Querious and Delve, as well as offering high-sec hauling.
Don't see the route you want on our calculator? Do not panic we offer custom routes! Contact one of our haulers and they will get back to you with a quote.

GDS Operations Calculator


- JF Max Export to Jita/Amarr: 100,000m3
- JF Max Import to Querious/Delve: 350,000m3

- 5 Billion ISK Max Collateral
- No Containers
- Keep Collateral Accurate

Standard Rate

- 600isk/m3 – Jita to/from Querious.
- 450isk/m3 – Amarr to/from Querious.
- 200isk/m3 for inter-Delve or Querious.
- 1% Fee for Collateral.
- Rates are Negotiable.

Delivery Locations

- K7D-II - Mothership Bellicose
- Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
- H-4R6Z - Enablement Station
- 1DQ1-A - 1-st Imperial Palace

Name Position Contact
Kaltos Constantine Manager Slack: @Kaltos Constantine
Senda Yotsala AU contact Slack: @Senda Yotsala - GDSI
Sam Tavers NA contact Slack: @Sam Tavers

- Contract type: Courier
- Availability: Private - Galactic Deep Space Operations
- Volume: See Restrictions
- Collateral: Max 5 Billion ISK (If exceeds 5bil, contact a service member)
- Reward: Use our Calculator (Use link)

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