Import your high value, low volume items for cheap with Blops Import!

Blops Import is a service provided by independent Black Ops battleship pilots who will bridge your Blockade Runner from High Sec to Null Sec. Each Black Ops Pilot is free to set their own price for the bridges, but most operate at just fuel cost.


As always, not everyone in Eve can be trusted. Anyone in the #blops-import channel can offer to provide a bridge. Bridgers are not vetted. It is your own responsibility to confirm the trustworthiness of your bridger before undocking! Losses inflicted by you being bridged into hostile territory instead of your intended destination are not eligible for SRP!

You have to fly your own Blockade Runner (Crane, Prorator, Prowler or Viator).

  • Feel free to fit your Blockade Runner for max cargo
  • You can expand your Blockade Runner's cargohold further by filling it with Giant Secure Containers. They are only 3,000 m³, but can hold 3,900 m³, allowing you to fit up to 17,000 m³ in a single Viator!


  • It can help if you're able to provide your own Cyno at your destination, but usually the Bridger can provide one for you
    • Black Ops Battleships can bridge to any kind of Cyno, so even an Industrial Cynosural Field will do


  • No collateral, as you're hauling everything yourself
  • Only available for Blockade Runners

Standard Rate

  • Fuel costs (+ optional tip)

Your Black Ops pilot may charge different rates.

Bridge Destinations

Other destinations may be possible as well, especially if you can provide the Cyno at the destination yourself. Just ask in #blops-import!

Name Position Contact
Rael Armansky BNI Indy Boss Slack: @Rael Armansky

Slack Channel: #blops-import

  1. Join the #blops-import channel on Slack
  2. Ask if someone is around to provide you bridge (Use "@here" to ping people online)
  3. If there is a bridger online, they'll work with you to set a time, location and price for your bridge
    1. Most bridgers stage out of Keberz, but others may be located somewhere else.
  4. Meet up with your bridger (staying docked for now)
  5. If you're providing your Cyno yourself, bring it into position
  6. The bridger will form a fleet with you and the Cyno pilot
  7. Now, simply follow the instructions of your bridger:
    1. Undock
    2. Get on the Black Ops Battleship (keep at range 1.000m)
    3. Light the Cyno (if applicable)
    4. Wait for the bridge to be opened
    5. Right-click the Black Ops Battleship and select "jump through to […]"
  8. Remember to pay your bridger and add a tip if you enjoyed the service!

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