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Reprocessing services for anomaly and exeptional moon ores

Skills / Rates

Anomaly (spod, gneiss, crokite, bistot, arkonor, ochre) LVL 5

Normal - jaspet LVL5

Moon - exeptional only LVL5

All with +4% implant

Rates - reprocessing tax against contracted minerals


Rates - reprocessing tax against contracted minerals

Accepted Locations

442 - impass

PZMA - impass

9Z - impass

68ft - impass

your athanor/tatara - upon request, depends

Name Position Contact
Yondu Quill Blue Sun Slack: @Yondu Quill

Contract items to Yondu Quill with "reprocess" in contract detail for 0 isk.

Goo/minerals will be contracted with reprocessing fee cost back from my alt.

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