House of Suns Reprocessing will reprocess your asteroid ore, moon ore, and ice, then contract the output materials and leftover ore back to you at the station it was received. Only the reprocessing fee is charged for highsec and ubiquitous moon ore, and anything else is 2% of the output materials (see Cost for more details).


I have a +4 implant at all serviced locations and level V skills in the following:

  • Dark Ochre
  • Gneiss
  • Hedbergite
  • Hemorphite
  • Ice
  • Jaspet
  • Kernite
  • Omber
  • Plagioclase
  • Pyroxeres
  • Scordite
  • Veldspar
  • Ubiquitous Moon Ore (Zeolites, Sylite, Bitumens, and Coesite)

I can also reprocess the following but with skills at the level listed:

  • Arkonor (IV)
  • Bistot (IV)
  • Crokite (IV)
  • Mercoxit (IV)
  • Spodumain (IV)
  • Exceptional Moon Ore (IV)
  • Rare Moon Ore (IV)
  • Uncommon Moon Ore (IV)
  • Scrapmetal (IV)


Reprocessing Fee Only: Ubiquitous moon ore (Zeolites, Sylvite, Bitumens, and Coesite) and highsec asteroid ore (Veldspar, Plagioclase, Pyroxeres, Scordite)

2% of Output Materials: All other ice and ore types

Excess ore that can't be processed will be returned!

Accepted Locations

Requests can be made at the following stations:

  • Diromitur - Alonso's Newbro Isk Printer - R
  • Elgoi - Inner Ring Excavation

I will also service other stations in the systems above as long as they are accessible to Brave United.

Name Position Contact
Bokobo Shahni Owner Slack: @Bokobo Shahni
Himerance Reprocessing Technician
  1. Contract your items at the reprocessing station (see Accepted Locations) to Himerance for 0 ISK with Reprocessing as the description. The contract can come from either Brave Collective or Brave United characters.
  2. Himerance will reprocess the goods and deliver the materials back to you, minus 2% of the quantity from each output material as my fee. You will also receive back any excess material that could not be reprocessed.
  3. (Optional) - Send Bokobo Shahni a private message on Slack to let me know that you have set up a contract for reprocessing and provide the name of the character it was been sent by.

Once Himerance has contracted the output materials back to you, you will receive another message on Slack from Bokobo Shahni notifying you of the contract's completion.

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